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Glenwood Brown (born 1967-07-25 in Plainfield, New Jersey, United States) was a professional boxer in the welterweight (147lb) division.

Amateur career[edit]

Brown trained at the Plainfield Boys Club in Plainfield, New Jersey and won the 1986 New York Golden Gloves 139 lb Open Championship. Brown defeated Raul Rivera of the Apollo Boys Club in the finals to win the Championship.

Pro career[edit]

Nicknamed "The Real Beast", Brown turned pro in 1986 and lost his first title shot in 1991 by split decision to Maurice Blocker for the vacant IBF welterweight title. In his next fight in 1992 he took on WBA welterweight title holder Meldrick Taylor but lost a decision, even though Taylor was knocked down twice. Brown went on to win the IBO Middleweight Championship in 1995, but never fought again for a major title, and retired in 2000 following a TKO loss to Scott Pemberton.

New title IBO Middleweight Champion
19 August 1995 – 1996
Title next held by
Freeman Barr

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