Gli orti esperidi

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libretto to the setting by Nicola Conforto

Gli orti esperidi (The Gardens of the Hesperides) is a libretto by Metastasio set first in 1721 by Nicola Porpora, and performed 28 August 1721, at the Palazzo Reale.[1] In 1751 Nicola Conforto set the libretto in honor of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, to celebrate the name day of the Spanish king Ferdinand VI on May 30.


  1. ^ The Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music - Page 703 0674372999 Don Michael Randel - 1996 - other works dating from this time include 2 serenatas, Angelica (1720) and Gli orti esperidi (1721), with texts by the young Metasta- sio.

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