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In automobiles, a glider is a vehicle without a powertrain (especially without an engine). It is generally a brand new car, but a second-hand car can also be used. The purpose of such a vehicle is typically to fit them with an engine in the after market, to create novel variations of conventional or exotic vehicles. The term is analogous to an aircraft with no engine being a glider.

Glider kit[edit]

A glider kit is a term for a kit used to restore or reconstruct a wrecked or dismantled tractor. All glider kits include a frame, front axle, and body (cab). The kit may also contain other optional components.

A motor vehicle constructed from a glider kit is titled as a new vehicle.


A Georgia title, when issued, for a tractor cab restored with a glider kit will always be branded ‘Rebuilt'. [1]

Used glider[edit]

One can obtain a glider by modifying a used car. Parts removed from the vehicle include:

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