Gliese 282

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Gliese 228
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox 2000
Constellation Monoceros
Right ascension 06h 10m 54.80387s
Declination 10° 19′ 04.9946″
Apparent magnitude (V) 10.385
Evolutionary stage main sequence
Spectral type K2V/K5V
Apparent magnitude (U) 12.9
Apparent magnitude (B) 11.844
Apparent magnitude (V) 10.385
Apparent magnitude (R) 9.365
Apparent magnitude (I) 8.065
Apparent magnitude (J) 6.795
Apparent magnitude (H) 6.306
Apparent magnitude (K) 6.032
Radial velocity (Rv) 51 km/s
Proper motion (μ) RA: 62.96 mas/yr
Dec.: -932.06 mas/yr
Parallax (π) 91.65 ± 3.50 mas
Distance 36 ± 1 ly
(10.9 ± 0.4 pc)

Gliese 282 is a binary star located in the night sky at Right ascension 07h 39m 59s and declination −03° 35°51" 45.9 in the constellation of Monoceros and moving with a total Proper Motion of 0.288"/yr.

At a distance of 45.9 light years and an absolute magnitude of 6.52, this star has an apparent magnitude of 7.26 when viewed from Earth. It is not visible to the naked eye.

The star system is composed of two K- type main-sequence stars:

The nearest stellar neighbours to this star system are HIP 36985 GJ1099 and HIP 37288.

The star is also known as HD 61606, HIP37349, BD03° 2001, BD03 2001, SAO 134954 and YPC 1809.00