Gliese 317 b

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Gliese 317 b
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Parent star
Star Gliese 317
Constellation Pyxis
Right ascension (α) 08h 40m 59.21s
Declination (δ) –23° 27′ 22.6″
Apparent magnitude (mV) 12
Distance 49.9 ly
(15.3 pc)
Spectral type M3.5V
Orbital elements
Semi-major axis (a) 0.95 AU
Eccentricity (e) 0.193 ± 0.06
Orbital period (P) 692.9 ± 4 d
(1.9 ± 1.1 y)
Argument of
(ω) 344 ± 10°
Time of periastron (T0) 2451639 ± 30 JD
Semi-amplitude (K) 57.3 m/s
Physical characteristics
Minimum mass (m sin i) 1.2 MJ
Discovery information
Discovery date 6 July 2007
Discoverer(s) Johnson et al.
Discovery method Doppler spectroscopy
Discovery site United States W. M. Keck
Discovery status Confirmed
Database references
Extrasolar Planets
Exoplanet Archive data
Open Exoplanet Catalogue data

Gliese 317 b is an extrasolar planet[1] approximately 50 light-years away in the constellation of Pyxis. The planet was announced in July 2007 to be orbiting the red dwarf star Gliese 317. The planet is a jovian planet that orbits about 95% the distance between Earth to the Sun. Despite of this, it takes about 1.9 years, corresponding to slow orbital velocity of 14.82 km/s.

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Coordinates: Sky map 08h 40m 59.21s, −23° 27′ 22.6″