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Gliss are a Danish/American duo currently splitting time between Berlin, Los Angeles and Copenhagen. The band consists of Victoria Cecilia (vocal, bass, programming, synths), Martin Klingman (vocals, guitar, drums, bass) and formerly David Reiss (guitar, bass).


Their first EP " Kick in Your Heart" was discovered by Billy Corgan, who brought them to Europe to support his solo tour " Future Embrace".[1] Following the tour he asked the band to be part of a Smashing Pumpkins tribute album,[2] featuring bands such as Panic! at the Disco, Deftones and The Bravery. In 2007 he again asked the band to support him, this time for the re-formation of Smashing Pumpkins.[3]

Love the Virgins[edit]

Their debut album Love the Virgins, was released in 2007 on UK label Tough Cookie. The single "Blue Sky" was the winner of "Fresh Meat" on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show.[4] This led to European support slots for Gliss with BRMC[5] and Editors.[6] Gliss released their album "Love The Virgins" in November 2006, following a UK tour with Orson. At one point, the tour was put in jeopardy when Gliss performed naked and subsequently featured in The Daily Star. The band guest starred in an episode of Nightcalls with pornstar Jesse Jane on Playboy TV, after their infamous UK tour.[7] The track "Huh, What?" was featured in the MasterCard Priceless commercial "Vintage".[8]

Devotion Implosion[edit]

Their second album Devotion Implosion was released in 2009 on Cordless/Rykodisc[9] and was produced by the band themselves and mixed by Gareth Jones,[10] (who has worked with Depeche Mode, Liars, Wire, Nick Cave and These New Puritans). The single "Gimme the Hit" was featured on MTV Subterranean.[11] The band also did an in-studio performance on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic[12] and were featured on Yahoo TV's The New Now[13] following their national tour with The Warlocks, and in-studio performance and interview on Seattle's KEXP.[14] In 2009 the band did an In-studio interview on NME radio in London[15] and Motor FM in Berlin[16] during their tour with British band The Horrors. The band is currently working on their 3rd album to be titled "Le Debut", which is a complete departure from their previous releases. Most recently Gliss toured the US with Scottish band Glasvegas and shortly thereafter landed a worldwide ad campaign for Calvin Klein's "Forbidden Euphoria".[17]


  • Kick in Your Heart EP (2005)
  • Love the Virgins (2006)
  • Devotion Implosion (2009)
  • Devoted and Imploded (2011)
  • Kissing the Boulevard (2011)
  • Langsom Dans (2013)
  • Pale Reflections (2015)


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