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Developer(s) Netcad
Operating system Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003
Available in English, Turkish
Type GIS

GloNET is a virtual globe client–server system developed on Netcad 3D.

The client has stereo (anaglyph or page flipping) support for effective display with relatively weak graphics subsystems and simple stereo shutter eyeglasses or with most advanced stereo workstations.

The system's servers run on the NETGIS|Server platform. These servers can publish raster, vector and DTM elevation data. The platform complies with OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards (WFS, WMS, SFS). Clients can receive the geographical data from GloNET servers, any other OGC WMS/WFS-compliant servers, or local data sets.

GloNET Features[edit]

  • Web-based 3-D terrain modeling with client–server architecture
  • Encryption and authorization between client and server
  • Perspective or stereo display (anaglyph, emitter)
  • On-plane or on-globe presentation of data
  • Dynamic zooming and rotation
  • Time-dependent or virtual lighting
  • Data importing and display from OGC-compliant servers
  • KML, KMZ and shape file display
  • Support for raster, vector and digital terrain model (DTM) data
  • High-resolution raster and DTM data presentation
  • Editing, coloring and symbology support
  • Local storage of client drawings and publishing to other peers
  • Coordinate, distance and area measurements on client side
  • Analysis on client side (visibility analysis, profile generation, aspect analysis)
  • Thematic presentation with attributes on client side (color, symbol, elevation exaggeration, bar and pie charts on area)
  • .NET API support