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Glo Loans
Traded asProvident Personal Credit Ltd
IndustryTechnology finance
Key people
Mark Stevens
ProductsGuarantor loans
Number of employees

glo is a UK based online unsecured guarantor loan company that was launched by specialist lender Provident Financial in November 2014.

In order to qualify for a loan with glo an applicant requires someone to guarantee their borrowing and if repayments are not made then they may be called upon to settle the debt, however glo say this is a "last resort" and would prefer to discuss an alternative repayment plan with the borrower.[1]

Mark Stevens, managing director of Provident's consumer credit division, said that the new loan is there for some of the 12 million people who are refused credit by banks each year for needs such as buying a car or carrying out home improvements. Mr. Stevens also went on to say that glo "accepts both guarantors and borrowers who are tenants and also operates without any fees for set-up or late payments."[2]

glo differ from other lenders because the applicant does not need to have a good credit score and the guarantor does not need to be a homeowner. They also include a call with any potential customer to ensure that they can afford the repayments on their loan as part of the process.[3][4]


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