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Company typeSubsidiary
IndustrySoftware development
HeadquartersSanta Clara, California
Key people
Nitesh Banga (CEO), Vaibhav Sharma (CFO), Arya Barirani (CMO), Zaheer Allam (CCO), Jim Walsh (CTO)
RevenueUSD $850M+[citation needed]
Number of employees
WebsiteOfficial website

GlobalLogic is an Indian digital services company providing software product design and development services. It is an independent subsidiary[2] of Hitachi Ltd.[3][4][5][6] GlobalLogic has corporate headquarters in San Jose, California.[7]

Company overview[edit]

Early history[edit]

GlobalLogic got its start in 2000 as Induslogic in India, a provider of outsourced software and product development services. Induslogic maintained a service delivery center in Noida. Peter Harrison was appointed CEO in 2001 and Vasudev Bhandarkar joined the board in 2004.[8]

In 2006, Induslogic merged with Bonus Technology to form GlobalLogic, a new global product development services company.[9]

The same year, the company received Series B venture round funding of $12.5M from Sequoia Capital and New Enterprise Associates in 2006[10] and acquired Lambent Technologies, an offshore software R&D services firm based in Nagpur, India.[11]


In 2008, GlobalLogic opened offices in London, naming Mike Daniels as chairman of the board and hiring Shashank Samant as president. The same year, it acquired U.S.-based Validio Software and its Ukraine-based development center. Also, in 2008, the company received $29.5M in Series C venture round funding from Sequoia Capital, New Atlantic Ventures, and New Enterprise Associates.[12] In 2009, GlobalLogic partnered with LumenData, a product development and services firm focused on enterprise data management, to open a delivery center in Bangalore.[13] GlobalLogic also acquired two software R&D services firms: InterObject and Cubika. InterObject, based in Ramat Gan, Israel, works with embedded software, mobile and streaming media products.[14] Cubika, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, builds software products for the media, entertainment, telecom and finance markets.[15] In 2010, GlobalLogic received funding from Goldman Sachs.[16]

In 2011, GlobalLogic opened an office in Santiago, Chile to expand its operations in South America.[17] It then acquired Rofous Software, a content engineering firm headquartered in Hyderabad, India with specialization in content engineering.[18] The same year, GlobalLogic acquired Method Incorporated, a brand experience agency with offices in San Francisco, New York City and London.[19]

In 2012, CEO Peter Harrison became vice chairman and its president, Shashank Samant, was appointed CEO.[20]

In 2013, Apax Partners ("Apax"), a global private equity firm, acquired GlobalLogic. Rohan Haldea, Walden Rhines and Peter Bonfield joined the company's board of directors, and Salim Nathoo was named chairman.[21]


In 2014, GlobalLogic hired Zaheer Allam as chief delivery officer[22] and opened new delivery centers in Nagpur, India[23] and Kosice, Slovakia.[24] In 2015, the company opened a delivery center in Kraków, Poland.[25] In 2016, Peter Bonfield took over the role of board chairman.[26] The same year, GlobalLogic acquired REC Global, a Poland-based software development provider specializing in embedded technologies.[27]

In 2017, the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) acquired 48% of GlobalLogic from Apax.[28][29]

In 2018, Apax Partners sold its remaining 48% stake private equity firm Partners Group,.[30]

In 2019, GlobalLogic acquired U.S.-based Skookum, a digital strategy and design firm.

In 2020, GlobalLogic appointed Rajaram Radhakrishnan as chief revenue officer.[31] The same year, GlobalLogic partnered with SimCorp to change the cloud delivery model for the SimCorp Dimension platform.[32] GlobalLogic then acquired Meelogic Consulting AG, a Berlin-based healthcare and automotive-focused software engineering firm. Next it acquired the ECS Group, a UK-based digital transformation consultancy.[33]

On March 31, 2021, Hitachi announced that it would buy GlobalLogic for $9.6 billion.[34][35] The acquisition was completed on July 14, 2021.[36] Under the terms of merger, Globalogic will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary.[37]


In December 2023, GlobalLogic acquired Katzion, an Australia-based engineering firm specializing in applications for the automotive industry, for an undisclosed amount.[38]

OpenStreetMap Foundation 2018 elections incident[edit]

During the 2018 board elections of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, more than 100 individuals registered from the same IP address within a few hours. The signups were flagged immediately as suspicious but were not rejected by the OSMF board,[39] because they were received after the deadline and so were not eligible to vote. Those voting to keep the memberships stated that there was no assumption of ill intent.[40]

The OpenStreetMap Membership Working Group released a public report[41] indicating a large group of signups from GlobalLogic.

GlobalLogic then offered to withdraw the memberships, and the OSMF board accepted the offer as resolution in February 2019.[42][43]


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