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Global Tel provides inmate phone/jail calling services. GlobalTel services include prepaid phone cards, carrier and switching services for resellers, and phone card distributors.[1] The company is based in Boca Raton, Florida, and was founded by James M. Artimez and Charles A. Saba. They sold the company to its current president and CEO, Steven M. Williams.[1][2] The company was ranked in the "top 100" by South Florida Business Journal from 1995-2001.[3][4]



Founded in 1991, the company initially focused on phone services for major market and satellite radio station request lines. GlobalTel eventually focused on developing the international callback business and marketed its services to the World Bank, U.N. and international companies. GlobalTel also owned 50% of a pay per call services joint venture company with the Saad family called RSA Informatica, LTDA in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2004 the company changed its name to InterActive Media Technologies, Inc., but still retains the use of GlobalTel for its worldwide callback operations. In 1993, GlobalTel upgraded its switching equipment, added multilingual personnel and added an experienced team of developers to manage and direct its operations and billing systems. Soon afterwards, it entered the US domestic long distance market, a "source of significant revenue for the company". The company invested in another upgrade in 1999 which again increased traffic capacity and productivity. Direct Dial services, also known as "Universal International FreePhone Numbers" were offered as well as Prepaid calling cards that utilize callback switches marketed as[3] Another upgrade in 2001 installed the "latest switching equipment by CISCO. This enabled the company to offer VOIP service.

Entrepreneur Steven M. Williams[edit]

Steven M. Williams has started, acquired, and ran multiple companies in his career. He manages his companies under InterActive Media Technologies, Inc. and provides services that include international telecommunication (calling to India and calling to Brazil), jail calling services, and parental control app technology for Apple products.[5] Dial91 and Telcan provide services such as India calling cards and calling to India using modern technologies like VoIP and smartphone apps.[6][7] Kidtrol is the parental control app company officially launched by InterActive Media Technologies Inc. in 2016.[5] Dial55, another company under the umbrella of InterActive Media Technologies Inc., provides calling services to Brazil with calling cards and uses technology like VoIP and smartphone apps much like Telcan and Dial91.[8]

Privately held[edit]

GlobalTel is a privately held telecommunications holding and operating company. In 2006, GlobalTel acquired "American Roaming Network from Verisign, Inc. ARN is the only unregistered roaming service in the U.S. and has agreements with Sprint, Verizon, AllTel and other mobile carriers in the U.S. In 2008, GlobalTel sold its joint venture interest within GlobalNova, Inc., which was a U.S. based long distance carrier with a network throughout Brazil. GlobalNova was a joint venture company owned 50% by GlobalTel and 50% from a group controlled by the Gerdau family of Brazil. The Gerdau family owns the largest steel company in the Western Hemisphere and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "GGB".

GlobalTel expanded again in 2007 when the company moved its Miami switching center to new facilities and acquired GlobalTel also won its five-year-long patent lawsuit against Cygnus.

In April 2009, American Roaming Network, Inc., acquired VSB Telecommunications Services, LTDA (VSB)from Verisign, Inc. VSB was formerly known as Verisign Brazil and is involved Roaming Settlement, CDR Reconciliation, Co-Billing, Profitability Reporting and customized billing solutions for the Latin American and Caribbean market. VSB currently services Claro, VIVO, TIM (Telecom Italia), Telefónica and other mobile providers in Brazil. In 2009, VSB will open its U.S.-based VSB International arm to serve the Latin American and Caribbean markets.


As of 2009, the company "has over 300 agents doing business in 240 countries".[3] According to the South Florida Business Journal, "Customers include Shell Oil, American Express, embassies, the World Bank and the United Nations."[4]

Services Provided[edit]

Local Connect Jail Call Services provides families of inmates with a local phone number that is a local call to the jail or prison facility. GlobalTel's local connect jail call system forwards the call to the inmates family anytime the inmate dials their local jail phone number. This unique process enables the family to eliminate extremely high long distance charges charged by the jail phone providers such as Global tel * Link also known as GTL, Securus and V-Connect.

 International Callback: This service allows the customers to bypass high international calling rates in parts of the world where international calling rates are still very high. To accomplish this, the GlobalTel switching network chooses the appropriate carrier for each customer call based on the origination country of the call and the destination country. Because different carriers have different prices and levels of quality for calls to certain countries, the switch chooses the carrier with the best quality at the most effective cost for each call.[9]

Virtual Calling Card: The company offers international calling cards known as Virtual Calling Cards . Calling card customers are given a unique PIN (personal identification number). To use the service, an access number is dialed and the PIN is entered. This gives the customer access to GlobalTel's network where they can then dial the destination number.[10]


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