Global (Humanoid album)

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Studio album by Humanoid
Released 1989 United Kingdom
Genre Garage house, acid house, electronica
Label Westside
Producer Brian Dougans, John Laker
Brian Dougans chronology

Global is the debut album by Brian Dougans, most famous for being part of the British electronica group The Future Sound of London. Moving away from FSOL's ambient, breakbeat and trip hop, it is composed largely of US style vocal house, including Ben Ofoedu, most famous for his work with duo Phats & Small in the 1990s. Also contained is the breakthrough acid house single, "Stakker Humanoid", and industrial track "Sunshine & Brick", featuring FSOL's Gaz Cobain on vocals.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Stakker Humanoid"
  2. "Tonight"
  3. "Dream"
  4. "Technoid"
  5. "Cry Baby"
  6. "Sunshine & Brick"
  7. "The Deep"
  8. "Slam"
  9. "Crystals"
  10. "Don't Stop"


  • Written by Brian Dougans
  • Produced by Brian Dougans & John Laker
  • Executive Producer Morgan Khan
  • Mixed by Brian Dougans & John Laker
  • The Deep mixed by Peter Black
  • Slam vocals by Lisa Millett
  • Don't Stop & The Deep rap by Ben Ofoedu
  • Tonight vocals by Sharon Benson and Janet Coffie
  • Sunshine & Brick vocals by Gaz Cobain


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