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The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) is an international consortium that is developing standards for responsibly collecting, storing, analyzing, and sharing genomic data in order to enable an "internet of genomics".[1][2]

GA4GH was founded in 2013  and is maintained by three Host Institutions (Wellcome Sanger Institute, Broad Institute, and Ontario Institute for Cancer Research).[3] Ewan Birney is the current GA4GH chair[4] and Peter Goodhand is the Chief Executive Officer.[5] Heidi Rehm and Kathryn North are the current Vice Chairs.[6]

GA4GH is founded on the Framework for the Responsible Sharing of Genomic and Health-related Data,[7] which is based on the human right to benefit from scientific advances.[8]

All GA4GH standards are developed by six technical and two foundational "Work Streams" in collaboration with real-world genomic data initiatives called "Driver Projects."[5]

GA4GH Work Streams[edit]

  1. Regulatory and Ethics (foundational)[4]  
  2. Data Security (foundational)[4]  
  3. Cloud[4]  
  4. Clinical & Phenotypic Data Capture [4]  
  5. Data Use and Researcher Identities[4]  
  6. Discovery[4]  
  7. Genomic Knowledge Standards[4]  
  8. Large Scale Genomics[4]  

GA4GH Driver Projects[edit]

  1. All of US Research Program[3]
  2. Australian Genomics[3]
  3. BRCA Challenge[3]
  4. Canadian Distributed Infrastructure for Genomics (CanDig)[3]
  5. Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen)[3]
  6. ELIXIR Beacon[3]
  7. The European Nucleotide Archive, European Variation Archive, and European Genome-phenome Archive at EMBL-EBI[3]
  8. Genomics England[9]
  9. Human Cell Atlas[9]
  10. International Cancer Genome Consortium - ARGO[9]
  11. Matchmaker Exchange[9]
  12. The Monarch Initiative[9]
  13. National Cancer Institute Data Commons Framework (NCI DCF) and Genomic Data Commons (NCI GDC)[9]
  14. Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed)[9]
  15. Variant Interpretation for Cancer Consortium[9]


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