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The Global Alliance for Peace and Prosperity (GAPP ) is a nonprofit and nonpartisan membership organization founded on May 15, 2007 and based at Munich, Germany.


The organization's mission is promoting understanding of globalization and informing the public about important global issues. A central aim of the organization, it states, is to “push decision makers towards reforms that create the conditions for a global society and global governance.“[1]

The organization's first initiative is called Become a Global Citizen. The initiative has its own website and it promotes global citizenship. The New York Times described the initiative “ a groundbreaking movement that empowers all citizens to participate in meaningful ways in the life of the community and the planet“.[2]

About the organization[edit]

From its inception the organization is nonpartisan, welcoming members from any political attitude and religious beliefs. However, its proceedings are almost universally private and confidential.[3]

In July 2007 the organization was first mentioned by the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown when he called for a new international effort to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. He said that the “pace has been too slow and uncertain“ in meeting the promise made by world leaders seven years ago and that “we need more organizations like the Global Alliance for Peace and Prosperity that push us for faster global reforms.“[4]

The organization was officially introduced at the international level at the Fabian Society New Year Conference in London in January 2008. There the organization was criticized by members of We Are Change UK as “an elite think tank that wants to destroy national sovereignty.“[5]

The current chief executive officer (CEO) is Christian Walz.

Influence on foreign policy[edit]

In March 2008 the organization became the youngest non-governmental organization to join the United Nations Global Compact ( UNGC ) Program.[6]

The organization regularly attends conferences at European Union and the United Nations. Global Alliance for Peace and Prosperity is a “breeding ground for important global policies“and it pushes “politicians, delegates of international organizations, public officials, the press, teachers, educaters and citizens towards having their part to play in the construction of a new world order.“[7]

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