Global Baba

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Global Baba
Directed by Manoj Sidheshwari Tewari
Produced by Vijay Bansal
Priya bansal
Harsh Vardhan Ojha
Screenplay by Vishal Vijay Kumar
Story by Surya Kumar Upadhayay

Abhimanyu Singh
Sandeepa Dhar
Ravi Kishan
Pankaj Tripathi
Sanjay Mishra
Akhilendra Mishra

Indal Singh
Ankur Yashraj
Music by Ripul Sharma
Agnel Roman
Faizan Hussain
Cinematography Devendra Tiwari
D Kannan
Edited by Chandan Arora
Release date
11 March 2016.
Country India
Language Hindi

Global Baba is a Bollywood film based on spiritual babas of India.[2] India can arguably be named the land of the babas, with thousands of devotees blindly surrendering themselves to godmen. The idea behind Global Baba is to expose such babas is in the offing. Abhimanyu Singh plays a godman in the movie.

Cast and crew[edit]

Critical reception[edit]

The Hindu called it "a film that might be loud but does talk sense."[3]


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