Global Defence Force Tactics

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Global Defence Force Tactics.jpg
Developer(s) thinkArts
Publisher(s) D3 Publisher
Essential Games
Composer(s) Masafumi Takada
Jun Fukuda
Series Earth Defense Force
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Genre(s) Turn-based strategy
Mode(s) Single-player

Global Defence Force Tactics (THE地球防衛軍タクティクス?) is a PlayStation 2 turn-based strategy game developed by thinkArts.

Known variously as: Earth Defense Force Tactics (US), Simple 2000 Series Vol. 103: The Chikyuu Boueigun Tactics (JPN), and Global Defense Force Tactics (EU).


Players assume the role of GDF Commander and control GDF units in turn-based missions against the giant bug menace. Missions take place on 2D hex-maps, with attacks depicted by brief animated cutscenes.

The game has 50 stages and 250 different weapons.

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