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Global Dignity

Global Dignity is an independent, non-political organization that is working towards dignity for all people by creating a global conversation about dignity, and promoting dignity-based leadership to discuss the issue of dignity with young people. An annual Dignity Day on October 20 was arranged for the first time in 2008. School classes are invited to discuss Dignity - what it means to them and their relationship with other people. Per 2011 schools in more than ntries had participated in the project.[1]

The Dignity project has formulated five dignity principles:

  1. Every human being has a right to lead a dignified life.
  2. A dignified life means an opportunity to fulfill one’s potential, which is based on having a humane level of health care, education, income and security.
Hence, Humane level of health care, education, income and security.
  1. Dignity means having the freedom to make decisions on one’s life and to be met with respect for this right.
  2. Dignity should be the basic guiding principle for all actions.
  3. Ultimately, our own dignity is interdependent with the dignity of others.


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