Global Domination (video game)

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Global Domination
Developer(s) Impressions Games[1]
Publisher(s) Impressions Games[1]
Designer(s) Simon Bradbury[1]
David Lester[1]
Platform(s) DOS
Release 1993[1]
Genre(s) Turn based strategy
Mode(s) Single-player
Multiplayer (hotseat)

Global Domination is a 1993 strategy computer game modeled closely on the popular board game, Risk. Impressions Games expanded on the game dividing the world into more territories, adding unit types which could be controlled in a mini-game, adding the concept of unit obsolescence, valuing regions higher or lower than others (for income), and adding the ability to fund intelligence operations.


Like Risk, Global Domination is a turn-based game. Each game starts with the players being allocated a few random territories across the globe. The player would then be allocated a certain number of points to invest in purchasing units, researching technology or spending in intelligence operations. Players could then use their units to claim neutral or "brown" territories or invade other player territories. Players would often have to be careful not to spread their forces too thin lest they risk territories revolting (or turning into "purple territories").

When a player attacks or defends a territory, he/she can choose to either auto-resolve battles or micro-manage it. Micro-managing the battle results in a mini-game that simulates the battlefield where combat takes place.

Players could choose to challenge other humans or a selection of AI mostly based on famous world leaders. Each AI player had a different strategy and their competency and aggressiveness varied. Some of the AI players featured in the game include historical figures such as General Custer, Napoleon Bonaparte and Queen Victoria.


A players turn consists of two actions which are shown on the main panel. These actions can be:

-Resources, This action gives you money to work with.

-Production, This action creates weapons for you to use on you opponents but costs money.

-Technology, This action researches better weapons for a price.

-Mass Media, This action increases your propaganda.(Read "Propaganda for info")

-Direct Attack, This action enable you to attack an enemy straight away with a weak weapon.

-Prepared Attack, This action chooses a stronger weapon to attack with. You must wait another turn to load it with ammunition and then fire.

-Defense, This action gives you the option to choose an aircraft or rocket defense to defend from enemies.

-Propaganda, This action is used to steal another players citizens which act like a shield for buildings and help you earn more money.

-Diplomacy, This action temporarily makes a peace treaty between you and another player at either players' expense.


  • Earlier versions of Global Domination featured Adolf Hitler as one of the computer opponents. This was however changed to Otto von Bismarck in later releases. Some retail games still displayed an image of Adolf Hitler on the box, even though the disks had been changed to Bismarck.


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