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Dundee Engine Plant
formerly Global Engine Alliance LLC
Joint venture
Industry Automotive engineering
Founded May 2002
Headquarters Dundee, Michigan
Key people
Bruce A. Baumbach (General Manager)
Products Engines
Parent Chrysler

The Global Engine Alliance LLC, began as a joint venture of Chrysler, Mitsubishi Motors, and Hyundai Motor Company for developing a line of shared engines.

In September 2009, Chrysler bought Mitsubishi and Hyundai's shares, after 5 years of allied research and development, with its Dundee, Michigan plant becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of what was then Chrysler Group LLC.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance LLC (GEMA)[edit]

Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance LLC, or GEMA was the manufacturing arm of the Global Engine Alliance and consisted of five factories worldwide; two in Dundee, Michigan, United States, two in South Korea and one in Shiga, Japan. Production began in 2005, with an annual capacity of approximately two million engines; each plant was capable of producing 420,000. Twenty different automobile models from the three companies will use the engines. Chrysler had expected to use GEMA produced engines in ten models and projects, and buy up to 840,000 GEMA produced engines annually.

The Dundee plants were purchased by Chrysler in December, 2012, and renamed the Chrysler Dundee Engine Plant(s).[7] After Chrysler's assimilation into FCA, the plant simply became known as the Dundee Engine Plant.


The initial design of the engine block and cylinder head was handled by Hyundai. It features siamesed bores, an aluminum block with cast-iron cylinder liners, and an aluminum head. Different cylinder liners could be fitted to increase or decrease displacement depending on manufacturers needs. Each manufacturer configured their variants of the initial design differently based on their engineering needs and standards, so consumers may experience very different power, fuel efficiency, and "feel" from each manufacturer.

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