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The e of the Global Harbor shopping mall, with towers above.
An atrium in Global Harbor.

Global Harbor (Chinese: 环球港) is a large shopping mall in Shanghai, China.[1] It opened on 5 July 2013.[2]

The mall is located at 3553 North Zhongshan Road, near Jinshajiang Road, in the Putuo District of Shanghai.[2] It is attached to Jinshajiang Road Station (on Shanghai Metro Line 3, Line 4, and Line 13) via an underground entrance. It has a floor area of 480,000 square meters. The shops are located on six levels (two of then basement levels), with an underground parking level below. Twin skyscrapers rise above the mall, which can be seen through the glass roof. In the evening they are lit with computer-controlled animated multi-coloured lighting on the surface of the outer walls.

East China Normal University is located close to the Global Harbor mall to the southwest. Beyond that southwest is Changfeng Park.

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