Global Heresy

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Global Heresy
Global Heresy.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Sidney J. Furie
Produced by Harel Goldstein
Written by Mark Mills
Starring Alicia Silverstone
Peter O'Toole
Joan Plowright
Music by Jonathan Goldsmith
Cinematography Curtis Petersen
Edited by David Ostry
Distributed by Universal Studios
Release date
  • September 3, 2002 (2002-09-03)
Running time
106 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $12 million

Global Heresy (Rock My World in the United States) is a 2002 comedy-drama film about a highly successful American rock band recovering from the loss of their leader by going into seclusion in the United Kingdom.


When a rock band at the top of their game suddenly loses their band leader/bass player, their musical direction becomes questionable. All the band members know is that the leader's clothes were found at the edge of a waterfront and he has not been seen since. To replace their missing leader, they hire a new bassist Natalie (Alicia Silverstone), who shakes up their thoughts of the band. But the biggest changes come when the band decides to go into seclusion to develop new songs and a new sound. They rent a mansion from an aristocratic couple (Peter O'Toole, Joan Plowright) (Lord and Lady Foxley) who are in need of money. When the staff hired to be on hand when the band arrives do not show, the couple decides to act as the butler, Benson, and the cook, Margaret. The obvious conflicts between the two cultures occur, but a respect for each other gradually follows. Meanwhile, the band's recording company is trying to trick them into signing a contract that obliges them to make the music as the company requires, denying their "creative control." Towards the end of the film, the status quo gets further shaken when the original band leader shows up and admits that his disappearance had been a planned publicity stunt.


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