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Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) is an information security certification entity that specialises in technical and practical certification as well as new research in the form of its GIAC Gold program. SANS Institute founded the certification entity in 1999 and the term GIAC is trademarked by The Escal Institute of Advanced Technologies.

GIAC provides a set of vendor-neutral computer security certifications linked to the training courses provided by the SANS. GIAC is specific to the leading edge technological advancement of IT security in order to keep ahead of "black hat" techniques. Papers written by individuals pursuing GIAC certifications are presented at the SANS Reading Room on GIAC's website.

Initially all SANS GIAC certifications required a written paper or "practical" on a specific area of the certification in order to achieve the certification. In April 2005, the SANS organization changed the format of the certification by breaking it into two separate levels. The "silver" level certification is achieved upon completion of a multiple choice exam. The "gold" level certification can be obtained by completing a research paper and has the silver level as a prerequisite.

As of January 21, 2017, GIAC has granted 89,827 certifications worldwide.[1]

SANS GIAC Certifications[edit]

Security Administration[edit]

Code Name Status
GISF GIAC Information Security Fundamentals
GSEC GIAC Security Essentials Certification
GPPA GIAC Certified Perimeter Protection Analyst Formerly GCFW (Certified Firewall Analyst)
GCIA GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst
GCIH GIAC Certified Incident Handler
GCUX GIAC Certified UNIX Security Administrator
GCWN GIAC Certified Windows Security Administrator
GCED GIAC Certified Enterprise Defender
GPEN GIAC Penetration Tester
GWAPT GIAC Certified Web Application Penetration Tester
GAWN GIAC Assessing Wireless Networks
GICSP Global Industrial Cybersecurity Professional
GCCC GIAC Critical Controls Certification[2]
GSIP GIAC Secure Internet Presence Retired
GSOC GIAC Securing Oracle Certification Retired


Code Name Status
G7799 GIAC Certified ISO-17799 Specialist
GSNA GIAC Systems and Network Auditor
GSAE GIAC Security Audit Essentials Retired


Code Name Status
G2700 GIAC Certified ISO-27000 Specialist Retired
GISP GIAC Information Security Professional
GSLC GIAC Security Leadership Certification
GCPM GIAC Certified Project Manager
GCSC GIAC Certified Security Consultant Retired


Code Name Status
GOEC GIAC Operations Essentials Certification Retired

Software Security and/or Secure Coding[edit]

Code Name Status
GNET GIAC .Net Retired
GSSP C GIAC Secure Software Programmer C Retired
GSSP-JAVA GIAC Secure Software Programmer Java
GSSP-.NET GIAC Secure Software Programmer .NET
GWEB GIAC Certified Web Application Defender


Code Name Status
GCFE GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner
GCFA GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst
GREM GIAC Certified Reverse Engineering Malware
GNFA GIAC Certified Network Forensic Analyst
GASF GIAC Advanced Smartphone Forensics


Code Name Status
GLEG GIAC Legal Issues


Code Name Status
GSE GIAC Security Expert
GSE-Malware GIAC Security Expert in Malware Retired[3]
GSE-Compliance GIAC Security Expert in Compliance Retired[3]

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