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Global Inheritance
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FounderEric Ritz
  • Los Angeles

Global Inheritance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California working to empower individuals worldwide to think and act creatively in solving global issues. The group's initiatives focus on the power of creativity to communicate and drive progressive social change. Founded in 2002 by Eric Ritz, Global Inheritance has specialized in reaching young audiences to create awareness of environmental and social issues.[1] Because they tailor their work to each specific subculture and event, Global Inheritance has been uniquely successful in reaching audiences around the world.

The organization is especially known for its work in making major events such as Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, ESPN X Games and Indy 500 more environmentally friendly. Using a variety of programs, from artist-designed recycling bins and recycling incentive programs to energy generating playgrounds and carpool initiatives, Global Inheritance helps events reduce their environmental impact and raise awareness among attendees.[2][3]


Coachella featured Global Inheritance's TRASHed :: Art of Recycling campaign in which artists from across the nation designed recycling bins for some friendly competition and a love of art.

Global Inheritance promotes environmental education, sustainability, and social action through a variety of projects, each catered to the specific audience. Below are some of the group's most well-known initiatives.

TRASHed :: Art of Recycling[edit]

This program bridges art and environmental responsibility to bring new attention to the practice of recycling. Artists redesign empty recycling bins in order to inspire event goers to not only recycle, but to also take ownership in the larger concept of activism. The redesigned bins create eye-catching works that Global Inheritance brings to events across the country, such as Coachella, which has supported the program since 2004. The festival has showcased over a thousand recycling bins over the last eight years, each one an original piece created by artists from around the world.[4] Past artists have included Hunter S. Thompson, Blink-182 and Fugazi.[5] Each year, Global Inheritance donates the decorated bins to local schools, enabling their message to reach an even wider audience and inspire the next generation of activists.

TRASHed :: Recycling Store[edit]

The TRASHed :: Recycling Store is another program that has been very successful in reducing the environmental footprints of major events, such as Warped Tour, X Games, Virgin Music Festival, Stagecoach Festival, Outside Lands Festival, Coachella (under the title, 10 for 1 Bottle Exchange), Ultra Festival, Treasure Island and more. Founded in 2003, the TRASHed :: Recycling Store has inspired other festivals around the globe including Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza to create incentive based recycling programs. The store awards points for rogue bottles, cans and biodegradable cups that individuals collect in order to encourage people to keep the grounds clean. These points can be exchanged for prizes that range from Loomstate jeans and backstage passes to skateboard decks and autographed memorabilia, depending on the interests of the venue. [6]

Energy FACTory[edit]

Launched at the 2007 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the Energy FACTory is an interactive, energy-making museum that uses different mediums to educate the public about renewable energy sources. Through installations, workshops and/or demonstrations, the Energy FACTory provides a unique platform to educate people about wind, solar, bio-diesel, ethanol, thermal, kinetic energy, as well as the truths about other types of non-renewable energy. The Energy FACTory has featured everything from re-engineered golf carts inspired by different Coachella artists, such as an Amy Winehouse ethanol golf cart and a Yeah Yeah Yeahs biodiesel golf cart, to wind powered clock towers, human powered DJ Stages, and educational workshops. The size of the installation can vary from a single stationary bike or listening station to an entire playground depending on the venue.

The Energy Playground provides Coachella Music & Arts Festival attendees a great opportunity to recharge their phone and rethink the way they consume power

Energy Playground[edit]

A spin off of the Energy FACTory, first seen at Coachella 2010 under the name "Sweatshop Mixer" and also appearing as “Prius Playground”, “High Plains Mixer”, and “Energy FACTory DJ Mixer”, the Energy Playground consists of bikes, swings, human sized hamster wheels, seesaws, and hand cranks. All of the equipment is set up to harness the energy that is produced by using them. The energy is then converted into electricity to power anything from snow cone machines and cell phone chargers to entire DJ sets. The majority of electricity produced by the playground is stored in the Energy Well, a fully monitor-able and adaptable lithium-ion battery command center. As electricity flows from production devices into the Energy Well, software tracks all aspects of production and can share, in real time, the results of riders’ work. This incentive aims to further introduce people to alternative forms of energy while at the same time realizing the impact, big or small, that they can make as one person or as a group.

The Bigger Picture Film Awards rewards the best cause-based films and documentaries as acclaimed by the public

The Bigger Picture[edit]

Launched in 2008, The Bigger Picture Film Awards rewards the best cause-based films and documentaries as acclaimed by the public. Participants vote online to support movies highlighting the most pressing issues of our time. Award categories are separated between feature films and documentaries. With the Bigger Picture Film Awards, each voter is encouraged to share their favorite nominees within personal network of friends, family and fellow peers. Every voter is automatically entered to win incredible prizes for their involvement and contribution to make the world see the bigger picture.

Once the votes are in, Global Inheritance hosts a ceremony in Los Angeles, CA where film producers, actors and movie industry executives gather to receive their awards and celebrate the causes they're all defending. The 2017 Bigger Picture Film Awards was held at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on March 1.

The Bigger Picture Film Awards 2017
Best Cinematography
Best Documentary
Best Environmental Documentary
When Two Worlds Collide
Best Feature Film Based On Real Events
Beast Feature Film
Best Film Inspired By Technology
Most Inspiring Film

Tour Rider[edit]

Global Inheritance partnered with Bill Silva Presents and Andy Hewitt in 2005 to bring Tour Rider to the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Concertgoers who utilize public transportation to arrive at the venue can stop by the Tour Rider booth to receive prizes in exchange for their environmentally friendly behavior. The Metro offers several options to get to the Hollywood Bowl, including a direct connection to the venue, making public transportation both a convenient and conscious option. Prizes range from museum and event passes to eco-friendly clothing and accessories.[7] Recent concerts that have featured the Tour Rider program include Paul McCartney, Radiohead, Roger Waters, Kings of Leon, and many more.[7] Tour Rider rewards concertgoers for helping the environment and decreasing traffic congestion, which is especially valuable given the location of the Hollywood Bowl.

Alternative Energy Fuel RC Racing[edit]

Starting in 2006 at the ESPN X Games, Global Inheritance introduced a new program that allows participants to race miniature RC cars that run on alternative fuels/power sources. If attendees can't afford a hybrid or don't have a driver's license, at least they can race an RC cart that is powered by ethanol, biodiesel or charged using solar. These races offer young people and adults alike the opportunity to explore the efficiency of these alternative options. [8]

Saving Nature Arcade[edit]

Debuting at Coachella Music & Arts Festival in 2014, The Saving Nature Arcade is a solar-powered twist on 8 bit video games. Arcade classics have been re-skinned to spotlight key environmental challenges. The walls of the arcade are created using wood signage. Each wood panel is customized to cover a different issue (including waste and recycling, water, energy, carbon footprint, urbanization, and natural resources). Some of the featured titles included No ImPact Man, Urban Frogger, Waste Invaders, Water Patrol and The Dangerous Dig. Festival attendees received free tokens by participating in any of our Saving Nature efforts. Participants competed against other festival attendees for the chance to win backstage passes to see Arcade Fire perform. The Saving Nature Arcade encourages everyone to elevate their game in defending our environment.


This theme park/environmental museum aimed to expose people of all ages to environmental issues and sustainable living through games, competitions, and exhibits. Located at the Hollywood & Highland complex, the home of the Academy Awards, Environmentaland was the first theme park of its kind.[9] In addition to exploring the impact of global warming through desert miniature golf and touring the eco-planetarium, visitors could participate in the energy playground, which featured a seesaw and Tour de Energy bicycles that generated power. Environmentaland facilitated adventures in self-powered activities as well, such as milkshakes made on bike-powered blenders and a hand-crank Pearl Jam listening station.[10] Environmentaland also featured numerous events while open, including the Bigger Picture, a series of documentaries that focused on environmental and social issues.[10]

The Oasis Water Bar was a main attraction at Coachella 2013. Festival goers frock to the Oasis to enjoy some thirst-quenching education.

Oasis Water Bar[edit]

Global Inheritance worked with Coachella in 2013 to introduce a program dedicated to bringing awareness to the complexities, issues, and significance of drinking water. This Oasis Water Bar provides an opportunity for festival-goers to learn about the future of drinking water and the potential of fourteen different H2O sources. The Oasis presents its visitors with a refreshing perspective on the future of drinking water by offering shot glasses full of water from several varying sources. The Oasis has its very own bartenders/scientists that are experts in water conservation and ready to offer festival-goers a better understanding of their own water consumption. As shots are poured by the bartenders/scientists, patrons of the bar also hear the back-story of each water type such as where it originated from, how far it traveled to get to the festival grounds, the types of filtration methods used to purify it, and more. Festival-goers can learn what they might be drinking five years, twenty years or fifty years in the future and what needs to happen to preserve certain sources. Visitors to the Oasis taste waters like Purified Wastewater, Desalinated Pacific Ocean Water, Los Angeles Tap Water, Glacier Water, Oregon Rainwater, Hot Spring Water, and more.

Global Warming Chess[edit]

Global Warming Chess immerses participants and players into a life size game of chess where they are the chess pieces. The game is intended to demonstrate the volatile and unpredictable nature of the fight against global warming. Festival attendees were encouraged to watch as the two opposing sides maneuvered to eliminate each other and dominate the board. During each match, festivals goers competed against bands, a polar bear or Halliburton's CEO. Donning costumes for each chess piece, participants are divided into sides representing the “causes” and “cures” of global warming. Costumes for the “causes” include, Hummers as pawns, factories as rooks, coal as knights, lobbyists as bishops, trash as queen, and oil derrick as king. “Cure” costumes include, bicycles as pawns, recycling bins as rooks, solar panels as knights, scientists as bishops, a tree as queen, and wind turbine as king. The Global Warming Chess program premiered in 2008 at the Virgin Music Festival in Toronto, Canada.[11]

Public Displays of Affection[edit]

Public Displays Of Affection (PDA) was launched in 2006 to recreate the way people in Los Angeles view public transportation. In another combination of environmental sustainability and the arts, Global Inheritance partnered with high-profile bands to reward public transportation riders. PDA took over major venues including Union Station in Los Angeles that are easily accessible by public transport. Anyone with an incoming Metro ticket or bus pass is admitted free of charge.[12] The project aims to prove that public transportation is a viable alternative to LA's car culture. Past concerts have included Ladytron at Hollywood and Highland and the Secret Machines with Shepard Fairey at Union Station.[13]

Energy Battle Royal[edit]

Currently contained in a comic book, this epic battle seeks to illustrate the current energy sources competing to provide power to the world, including oil, wind, hydrogen and ethanol. Each energy source is represented in a comic-book style superhero that embodies the advantages and disadvantages of the source. Global Inheritance introduced the various characters at Coachella 2011 and hopes to bring the battle to life in summer of 2014, further educating the public about alternative energy options. Recently, Global Inheritance launched its newest comic book at the Air Quality Management District Conference in March 2012. Modern understanding of different Energy sources is constantly morphing, so keep an eye out for the evolution of different comic book characters.

Poltar The Great bestowing its wisdom at Coachella Music & Arts Festival 2015

Poltar The Great[edit]

Launched in 2015 at Coachella Arts + Music Festival, Poltar the Great is an interactive, all-knowing, all-telling Polar Bear who is driven to protect the environment. Poltar's ultimate goal is to educate participants through a one-on-one experience with his keen fortune-telling abilities. A 10-ft tall magical box is the permanent residence of Poltar the Great, and is where his animated automat provides solutions to cope with today's most pressing environmental issues. Bestowing his wisdom to participants, Poltar provides customized fortune cards depicting Mother Nature's greatest gifts (the land, the air, the water, the animals, the food, the glaciers, and others). Every person who speaks to Poltar will leave with a mission they must accomplish to keep in good graces with the bear. Following Poltar the Great's predictions guarantees a better future for all of us.

Recyclosaurus Rex roams on the Polo Field to hunt for recyclables

Recyclosaurus Rex[edit]

Introduced at Coachella 2012, Recyclosaurus Rex is a 25-foot tall/40-foot long robotic dinosaur that consumes empty water bottles, cans, and other recyclables and compacts them into small cubes of recyclable waste. Recyclosaurus Rex is not only an environmentally conscious and resourceful aid to the recycling process but has been a large attraction and destination point for many festival-goers during the Coachella Music & Arts Festival. Coachella attendees sacrifice their recyclables to stay on good terms with Recyclosaurus Rex while litterers feel the wrath of Rex for refusing to be team players.

Fire and Ice: Saving Nature World Tour[edit]

One of Global Inheritance's newest initiatives, the Fire and Ice: Saving Nature World Tour follows the exploits of Super Chill and Smokin' Hot, a DJ duo consisting of a polar bear and a grizzly bear. The two furry friends find themselves in various endangered habitats as destinations of their virtual tour. Global Inheritance issues a monthly interactive update on Smokin' Hot and Super Chill and the global tour stops they DJ in. These updates are opportunities to bring attention to significant areas that represent environmental importance. Tour Destinations include Sichuan, China; Mount Everest; Borneo; Nauru; the Great Barrier Reef; Antarctica; the Amazon Rain Forest; the Galapagos Islands; the Pacific Trash Vortex; the Gulf of Mexico; the Arctic; Greenland; the Dead Sea; the Sahel; Congo; Madagascar; the Florida Everglades; Colorado River; and the Sky Islands.

The Saving Nature Claw Machine at Coachella Music & Arts Festival 2017

Saving Nature Claw Machine[edit]

The Saving Nature Claw Machine experience raises awareness for endangered and at-risk animals through an innovative and arcade-like experience. The program combines a playful activity and an educative interaction with a powerful message to address the extinction of dozens of animal species. By letting participants choose their "spirit animal", the program generates a sense of kin between them, and leads to a broader sense of responsibility towards the animal kingdom. After researching and choosing an animal, participants take a short quiz to learn more about the endangered and at-risk species they selected. This is followed by a photo opportunity inside of a life-size claw machine which is shared afterward onsite with action items to save their species. The last step is for the participant to take command of the claw machine and to seek out and save their animal... After the event, Global Inheritance intends to keep participants updated on ways to protect endangered species through informative messages, educating them on how daily changes can have an impact with such a global issue, but also get involved with protection organizations in the field. The Saving Nature Claw Machine first appeared at the 2017 Coachella Music & Arts Festival.

Rain Supreme[edit]

Launched in the winter of 2016, Rain Supreme gathered some of California's best street artists to battle the worst drought in the state's history and redesign the way people save water. Participating artists included Jeff McMillian, Mearone, Bumblebeelovesyou, Teddy Kelly, Samir Evol, Drew Merritt, Christina Angelina, Levi Ponce, Vakseen, James Haunt, Clinton Bopp, Ashley Marcias, Brandon Sopinsky, Mark Ravelo, Jeremiah Garcia, Ben Swenson, Nisha Sembi, Jacob Livingood, 2Shae, Jorge Riverol, Vyal, Steve Marinez, and more. Through this program, Global Inheritance provides communities affected by water scarcity the opportunity to collect and store water to be reused for daily watering needs. Each Rain Supreme art and water conservation exhibit provide attendees the opportunity to view the Rain Supreme art collection as well as order their own rain barrels, find out about rain barrel rebate programs in their communities, and learn from water conservationists about best practices and installation tips for their homes.

Notable events[edit]

The Global Inheritance Polar Bears made an appearance at Coachella 2013. Here, they are featured enjoying Global Inheritance's Energy Playground Swing Set.

Coachella Music & Arts Festival 2004-2017[edit]

Ever since their first collaboration in 2004, Coachella Music + Arts Festival has been a platform for Global Inheritance to highlight environmental issues. Innovative and interactive experiences like TRASHed: Art of Recycling and Carpoolchella were among the first programs designed to trigger a major reaction from the festival's audience and raise awareness on sustainability issues inherent to major events. Thanks to their long-term commitment to each other, Global Inheritance and Coachella Music + Arts Festival have implemented new initiatives almost every year to continue to raise awareness among more and more festival attendees, reduce the festival's carbon footprint, and offer entertaining and educational activities for everyone. Featured programs include Portal Potties (2016), Energy FACTory Museum (2007, 2008), 18 & Up (2009) Energy FACTory DJ Mixer (2010, 2011), Recyclosaurus Rex (2012), Oasis Water Bar (2013), Saving Nature Solar Arcade (2014), Poltar the Great (2015), Polar Bear Dating Game (2016), and the Saving Nature Claw Machine (2017).

Through its diverse portfolio of programs, Global Inheritance has always focused on improving the experience of festival attendees and participating in Coachella Music + Arts Festival unique atmosphere: offering people solutions to charge their phones at no cost (Energy Playground); contributing to the artistic environment of the festival site (TRASHed :: Art of Recycling); keeping the festival grounds clean (10-4-1, Recycling Store, Recyclosaurus Rex); offering merchandise or experiences as rewards (Carpoolchella, Saving Nature Claw Machine), and more. Thanks to the partnership with the Goldenvoice team and a network of volunteers, Global Inheritance has been given the opportunity and the resources to pursue its mission as a nonprofit 501c3 at Coachella Music & Arts Festival since 2004.

South Coast Air Quality Management District: A World We Can Change Expo 2013[edit]

At A World We Can Change Expo in March, Global Inheritance entertained and educated nearly 8,000 high school students and teachers with the Energy FACTory DJ Mixer, a DJ set powered by attendees of the conference using 18 bikes and two energy seesaws. Attendees also had the opportunity to run on Global Inheritance's Human Hamster Wheels for some healthy competition to power a light tower. Those that were able to light up all ten light bulbs on the tower received cool rewards. The event was a successful outreach to a younger demographic devoted to progressive change.

Art Basel 2012[edit]

Art Basel housed Global Inheritance's Think BIG exhibit, a collaborative project with Threadless. The program invited artists from around the world to redesign miniature recycling bins with a chance to win a spot to redesign a large recycling bin for Coachella as well as a VIP pass, airfare, and accommodation for the festival. Well known artists such as Gürkan Akkurt, Oana Botea, Jennifer Boxer, Jacob Livengood and many more participated. Global Inheritance will be working with Art Basel again in 2013, with plans to implement its largest TRASHed Miami campaign to date.

Indianapolis 500 2011[edit]

This May, Global Inheritance made its first appearance at the Indianapolis 500 with the Energy Playground. The project featured Tour de Energy bicycles as well as the Energy Seesaw that participants used to fuel snow cone machines. The bicycles could also be used to charge cell phones, iPods, and cameras. The re- engineered equipment showed participants the amount of energy that everyday appliances and electronics require in order to develop a heightened awareness of energy consumption among Indy 500 attendees. Similar to the group's other initiatives, the playground equipment aimed to foster a responsible relationship to the environment.

History and origins[edit]

Founded as "FashionPeace" in 2002, Global Inheritance was envisioned by Eric Ritz as "an NGO advertising agency for mother earth and the improvement of mankind."[14] Ritz was frustrated with other environmental organizations that failed to connect with a broader audience, and wanted to create an organization that could connect with people from every walk of life.[14] In addition, he wanted to employ the power of music and art to inspire people, rather than focusing strictly on money as he had seen others do in his experience. [14] Ritz wanted an organization that would bridge the gap between environmental causes and everyday people, hoping to use creativity to spark an interest in the issues and inspire action.[14]

The early organization partnered with clothing companies and designers to re-purpose old clothing into designer outfits. Although that particular program is now only one of many, the spirit of using creativity to encourage and even glamorize sustainable living remains a foundation of the organization. Early partner companies included Diesel, Levis, Miss Sixty, and American Apparel.[15]

Soon, Ritz was traveling to events to install environmentally aware performance art like the Jiffy Pop tree at Coachella, and by the summer of 2009, Global Inheritance was able to hire two paid employees for the first time. Today the organization is run by a small staff and a cadre of interns and volunteers.[1]

Just short of ten years after its founding, Global Inheritance runs approximately 25-30 programs a year for a variety of festivals, events, and companies[14]

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