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Global Mobile Satellite System

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The Global Mobile Satellite System (GMSS) consists of several satellite phone providers serving private customers. It can be compared to PLMN (wireless telephony carriers) and PSTN (traditional wire-based telephony).

As of 2023, ranges of numbers have been assigned to two GMSS carriers:

In 1996, the ITU introduced country code +881 for direct international dialing of phones on GMSS providers. (Inmarsat had already been allocated country code +870.) The next digit following the country code is allocated (two at a time) to a particular GMSS carrier:[1][2]

Carrier GMSS codes
(formerly ICO)
+881 0
+881 1
(formerly Ellipso)
+881 2
+881 3
spare +881 4
+881 5
Iridium +881 6
+881 7
Globalstar +881 8
+881 9

Satellite numbers outside the GMSS country code[edit]

Inmarsat is a satellite-based communications provider, but it is primarily a maritime service and is not generally considered part of the GMSS.

Globalstar usually allocates subscribers with a local number in the country they are based rather than using their GMSS country code.

Iridium also uses an Arizona-based access number to call Iridium phones for those unwilling or unable to call the usually expensive GMSS number directly.[3]

Thuraya has been assigned +882-16, within the +882 range for International Networks.


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