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KGRA-db is an Internet-based alternative talk radio network established in March 2012. It was founded by Race Hobbs and was created from his dissatisfaction with standards of professionalism in internet paranormal talk radio and that this medium is the future of radio broadcasting. In January 2013 it relaunched as KGRA-db to reflect their new call letter licensed status as a digital broadcaster.

The network focuses on subjects and topics the mainstream news media tends to shy away from - UFO's, the paranormal, spirituality, philosophy, alternative news and research, suppressed information and technology, conspiracies and more.

Shows and hosts include Richard Dolan with The Richard Dolan Show,[1] Paola Harris 'The Paola Harris Report', Race Hobbs & Royce Fitzgerald 'Eye Witness Radio', Chase Kloetzke 'FATE Magazine Radio ', Mack Maloney's Military X-Files -Truth Theorem Radio, Garry Davis 'World Citizen Radio' Micah Hanks & the 'Gralien Report' and many more.


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