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The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) [1] is a non-profit semiconductor organization which was founded in 1994 (as the Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA)) to support the worldwide adoption of the fabless semiconductor business model. GSA transitioned in 2007 from FSA to GSA to recognize that its original mission to proliferate the adoption of the fabless business model has been achieved and also reflect the role GSA has played as a global semiconductor organization.

Today, the organization's efforts are focused on initiatives to promote the growth and profitability of the entire semiconductor supply chain and has grown to more than 400 corporate members, representing 25 countries across the globe


GSA’s mission is to accelerate the growth and increase the return on invested capital of the global semiconductor industry by fostering a more effective fabless ecosystem through collaboration, integration and innovation. To fulfill this mission, GSA will address the challenges and enable industry-wide solutions within the supply chain, including intellectual property (IP), electronic design automation (EDA)/design, wafer manufacturing, test and packaging. The Alliance provides a platform for meaningful global collaboration; identifies and articulates market opportunities; encourages and supports entrepreneurship; and provides members with comprehensive and unique market intelligence.

GSA remains committed to encourage and support entrepreneurship. GSA has established the Emerging Company CEO Council, increased the number of emerging companies participating in its regional Councils and continues to work closely with the venture capital (VC) community.

GSA addresses regional challenges and opportunities within Asia through its AP Leadership Council, as well as with offices in Taiwan and China. Its EMEA Leadership Council has expanded to include industry leaders from the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Belgium and France. GSA will also align with regional organizations to complement their services, while avoiding duplication of resources. Leadership

Jodi Shelton,[2] President, established and manages all the GSA’s leadership groups including the following:


Members include companies from throughout the supply chain, including fabless companies, IDMs, semiconductor suppliers, venture capital firms, investment banking firms, organizations and individual members.

Membership Categories[edit]

Semiconductor - This membership is open to all semiconductor companies including fabless, fab-lite and IDMs. This category of membership is based on revenues. GSA provides special leadership opportunities such as voting privileges and participation on its Board of Directors.

Partner - This membership is open to companies who support GSA’s overall goals and mission and provide products and services that enable an environment for growth of the global semiconductor industry. Supplier Partner - This membership is open to all suppliers to the semiconductor industry including providers of IP, electronic design automation (EDA), wafer manufacturing, assembly & packaging, and test services. Service Partner - This membership is open to companies who provide services to semiconductor companies including venture capital companies, investment banks, consulting/research, law firms, executive search groups, and insurance companies.

Industry Partner - This membership is open to all OEMs, ODMs, and System Houses. Organizations/Associations/Government and Educational Partner - This membership is open to organizations, associations, governmental entities, and educational institutes.


GSA offers numerous industry-focused events throughout the year.

GSA holds global events throughout the world, encompassing the entire semiconductor supply chain.

  • GSA Semiconductor Ecosystem Summit - This North America event brings together suppliers and semiconductor professionals in an effort to advance and cultivate global business partnerships. The event holds an exposition and conference.
  • Awards Dinner Celebration[3][4] - The GSA Awards Dinner Celebration in December is an awards ceremony for the semiconductor industry. During the event, semiconductor companies that have shown exemplary success, vision, strategy and future promise are recognized.

Market Intelligence[edit]

GSA conducts ongoing research and surveys, providing its members with a variety of valuable data and produces a range of publications and reports that serve the semiconductor industry.


  • GSA Forum - An online journal focused on the semiconductor industry. Each quarter the GSA Forum delivers a combination of business and technology news, as well as important industry trends and market forces that impact operations and product development.



  • Industry leaders incorporate FSA to achieve a better balance between wafer demand and capacity.
  • FSA has 40 founding members.
  • The semiconductor industry surpasses $100 billion sales.


  • FSA announces its first Wafer Demand Forecast.
  • FSA holds its first Suppliers Expo, the premier event dedicated to bringing together suppliers, fabless companies, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and other organizations that play a vital role in the semiconductor industry.
  • FSA holds its first annual Awards Dinner celebration to recognize fabless companies for their outstanding achievements in the industry.
  • UMC, one of the world's top three silicon foundries, begins its transformation from an IDM to a pure-play foundry.
  • Cirrus Logic is the fastest fabless company to achieve $1 billion in revenues, doing so in 45 quarters.


  • Genesis Microchip is the first company to produce a single-chip video de-interlacer.


  • FSA surpasses 100 members.


  • A new study shows that the semiconductor industry is the No. 1 driver of growth for the U.S. economy, providing jobs for 260,000 people and creating an additional 1.4 million jobs for people who provide goods and services for the industry.
  • FSA and NationsBanc Montgomery Securities (NMS) jointly launch the NMS/FSA Fabless Stock Index (FABLSSM Index).


  • FSA establishes a new award at its annual awards dinner. The Exemplary Leadership award was designed to recognize an individual's outstanding contributions to the fabless semiconductor sector. The first ever Exemplary Leadership award was presented to Dr. Morris Chang, Chairman and Founder, TSMC. As a tribute to Dr. Chang and his success, FSA renamed the award and now presents it as the "Dr. Morris Chang Award for Exemplary Leadership".
  • Xilinx invents first million-gate FPGA; 2.5V CPLD; and 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI component.


  • Worldwide semiconductor sales exceed $200 billion for the first time in semiconductor history.
  • U.S. fabless revenues exceed $16 billion.
  • The fabless industry outperforms the worldwide semiconductor industry, growing 68% compared to a growth of 39% for the worldwide industry.
  • Broadcom is the fastest fabless company to achieve $1 billion in revenue, doing so in 36 quarters.


  • FSA surpasses 200 members.
  • FSA and Merrill Lynch announce a partnership that provides the reintroduction of the FSA/Merrill Lynch Fabless Stock Index [FABLS].
  • NVIDIA is the fastest fabless company to achieve $1 billion in revenues, doing so in 32 quarters.
  • China is accepted as a member of the World Trade Organization, paving the way for many semiconductor companies to enter China.


  • FSA surpasses 300 members.
  • FSA holds its first-ever East Coast keynote and panel discussion in Boston.
  • FSA and JEDEC announce the release of a Foundry Process Qualification Guideline.


  • FSA surpasses 400 members.
  • FSA expands globally, forming an Asia-Pacific Leadership Council, and opening its first international offices in Hsinchu and Taipei Taiwan.
  • Worldwide fabless company revenue surpasses $26.2 billion, growing more than 23% year-over-year.


  • FSA has more than 450 members.
  • FSA celebrates its 10th anniversary.
  • FSA’s Mixed-Signal (MS)/RF Committee’s PDK working group released its Mixed-Signal/RF PDK Checklist, which provides guidelines to showcase PDK quality.
  • FSA hosts its first Suppliers Expo in Taiwan.


  • Worldwide fabless company revenue surpasses $41 billion; 18% of semiconductor industry
  • FSA’s Mixed-Signal/RF Committee’s Model working group released its SPICE Model Checklist, providing mixed-signal/RF designers using foundry SPICE models with consistent data to make foundry process and IC design decisions.
  • The fabless industry outpaced the rest of the semiconductor industry in fundings, closing $1.6 billion, contributing 73% to the overall semiconductor funding total ($2.2 billion).
  • On November 15 ViMicro became the first Chinese fabless company to be listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.


  • FSA hosts inaugural Global Leadership Summit in Shanghai.
  • FSA’s Mixed-Signal/RF Committee’s PDK working group released version 2.0 of its Mixed-Signal/RF PDK Checklist, which provides guidelines to showcase PDK quality.
  • Worldwide fabless revenue totals $49.6 billion or 20% of total semiconductor revenue.


  • FSA and the Information Technology Association of Canada cooperate to provide thought leadership opportunities for the microelectronics industry.
  • FSA changes its name to Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) to recognize the IDMs' evolution to an outsourced model and the need to position globally.[5]
  • Worldwide semiconductor revenue totals $275.5 billion. Fabless revenue accounts for 18.7% of total semiconductor revenue.
  • 14 fabless and IDM companies go public.




  • CY 2010 public semiconductor revenue totals $299.9 billion, posting the largest dollar increase year over year.
  • Altera delivers the most transistors ever packed onto an IC.
  • GSA announces the organization is expanding its collaborative platform to Japan.
  • Samsung comes closest to challenging Intel's No. 1 ranking than any company in more than a decade.
  • GSA announces its efforts to increase awareness and visibility worldwide for 3D IC technology.
  • Apple becomes the largest buyer of semiconductors.
  • GSA presides over the Nasdaq closing bell for the third time.
  • 14 fabless and IDM companies successfully list on a stock exchange.
  • GSA launches an awareness campaign to encourage the EU Commission, regional governments, universities, research organizations, industry and private equity firms to provide the investment and infrastructure support necessary to bring sustainable innovative semiconductor product concepts to market.