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Global Teacher Prize
CountryUnited Kingdom
Presented byVarkey Foundation
Reward(s)Prize money of 1 million USD
First awarded
  • 2015; 3 years ago (2015)

The Global Teacher Prize is an annual US $1 million award by the Varkey Foundation to a teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession.[1][2][3] Nominations of teachers who meet specific criteria are open to the worldwide public, and teachers can also nominate themselves.[4] The judging is done by the Global Teacher Prize Academy, consisting of head teachers, education experts, commentators, journalists, public officials, tech entrepreneurs, company directors, and scientists from around the world.[4][5]

The annual prize was launched at the second annual Global Education and Skills Forum in March 2014 and received over 5,000 nominations from 127 countries.[6][7][8]

The Global Teacher Prize, which has been referred to by journalists as the Nobel Prize for teaching,[2][9][10][11] highlights and celebrates the profession while giving greater recognition to the work of teachers all over the world[12][13] The head of the Varkey Foundation has asserted that, "We want to promote teachers as stars and to support the quality of education to highlight the enormous impact teachers have on our lives";[14] "Teaching needs to be the most important profession in the world and they've got to be given their due respect."[15]


Andria Zafirakou of the United Kingdom, winner of the Global Teacher Prize for 2018

The first annual Global Teacher Prize was awarded in March 2015 to Nancie Atwell, an innovative and pioneering English teacher and teacher trainer in rural Maine in the United States, who founded and runs a school where students read an average of 40 books a year, choose which books they read, and write prolifically.[9][10][16] Atwell has authored nine books on teaching, including one which has sold more than half a million copies.[16][17] She donated her $1 million prize to the upkeep, development, and scholarships of her school, the nonprofit Center for Teaching and Learning, which is also a demonstration school for developing and disseminating teaching methods.[10][16][18][19]

The 2016 prize was awarded to a Palestinian teacher, Hanan Al Hroub.[20]

The 2017 prize was awarded to an Inuit teacher, Maggie MacDonnell from Salluit, Quebec, Canada.[21]

The 2018 prize was awarded to Andria Zafirakou, an Arts and Textiles teacher in Brent, northwest London, England.[22][23][24][25]


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