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Global University LOGO.png
Global University
Motto Promoting GLOBAL Knowledge.
Type Private
Established 1992
President Dr. Adnan Tarabolsi
Location Lebanese flag Beirut, Lebanon
Campus Urban

Global University (GU; Arabic: الجامعة العالمية ‎‎) is an educational institution established in 1992.

Global University Campus
الجامعة العالمية

Global University currently comprises three faculties:

  1. Faculty of Administrative Sciences
  2. Faculty of Health Sciences
  3. Faculty of Literature and Humanities


Faculty of Health Sciences

  • The faculty offers a bachelor's degree and comprises the following academic departments:
  1. Department of Nursing
  2. Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
  3. Department of Physical Therapy
  4. Department of Medical Lab
  5. Department of Prosthetics and Orthotics (to be announced)
  6. Department of Biomedical Science

Faculty of Administrative Sciences

  • The faculty offers a bachelor's degree in the following specializations

1- Department of Business Administration

a. Management
b. Accounting
c. Marketing
d. Human Resources Management
e. Executive Management

2- Department of Information Technology and Computer Science

a. Computer Science
b. Information Technology and Telecommunications

3- Department of Management Information Systems

a. Management Information Systems
b. Health Management Information Systems

4- Master of Business Administrations (MBA)

5- Master of Information Technology and Communications

Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences

  • The faculty offers a bachelor's degree in the following specializations

1- Department of Education

a. English and Social Studies Education
b. Math Education
c. Science Education
d. Math and Science Education

2- Department of Arabic Language

3- Department of Foreign Languages and Translation

4- Teaching Diploma

5- Master of Education

Cooperation Agreements[edit]

  • Global University Joins International Association of Universities(IAU)
  • Global Joins SFIPA
  • ASONAM 2010
  • OSINT_WM 2010
  • Global University signs a scientific cooperation agreement with the American University in Greece
  • Lebanese University Agreement
  • Damascus University Agreement
  • Al Zaytouna University Agreement
  • Arab Center for Nutrition Agreement
  • Ain Shams University Agreement
  • INPT Morocco Agreement
  • Rafic Hariri University Hospital Agreement
  • AL SAHEL Hospital Agreement
  • AL SAHEL Hospital Agreement
  • ETAG/EOQ Initiative
  • Oracle Academy


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