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Global Vehicle Trust is a British charity established in 2013 to develop a cheap and rugged vehicle for rural areas in developing countries.

Global Vehicle Trust[edit]

Global Vehicle Trust was established by Torquil Norman, who asked Gordon Murray to develop a prototype vehicle suitable for rural parts of developing countries.[1] Norman was originally inspired by the 1980s Africar book.[2]

Ox truck[edit]

The Ox prototype has been in development since 2013 and while a production ready version was planned for in 2014,[3] it was re-announced in September 2016 still as a working concept in need of additional funding to reach production.

Designed as an innovative flat-pack product, the body is made of Engineered Laminated Panels, mechanically fastened with visible fixings. The Ox truck is designed to be shipped in two packages, with the body, chassis and wheels being shipped in a flat-pack separate to the engine and gearbox.[4]

The Ox has a 3-seat cab with a central driving position. It is powered by a Ford Transit 2.2-litre diesel engine producing 99bhp and drives the front wheels.[5] The car is based on Murray's iStream production concept, and the chassis is constructed with a steel ladder with bonded-in wooden panels to provide torsional rigidity. The all-coil, all-independent suspension features long-travel steel leading arms in front and trailing arms behind, called "OxGlide". The Ox features interchangeable parts, including an identical three glass panel windscreen and identical parts on both sides of the vehicle.[6]

In April 2018, the OX enters pre-production trials. [7]

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