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Global Village in Dubai

Global Village Dubai is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) Dubai. [1] Global Village Dubai combine the world 90 countries cultures at one place.[2] Global Village Dubai, claims to be the world's largest tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment project. It is the region's first cultural, entertainment, family and shopping destination. Every year, it has over 5 million visitors over an area of 17,200,000 sq ft (1,600,000 m2).[3]


Global Village started out in the form of a number of kiosks in 1996 located on the Creek Side opposite to Dubai Municipality. It then later shifted to the Oud Metha Area near Wafi City for 5 years. Today, Global Village has 6 million visitors at its current location on exit of Sheikh Zayed Exit 37.[4][1]


There is four main sections of the Global Village. These sections consist of Events and Concerts, Carnaval, Dining and Shopping.[1][5]


Dubai Global village have one of the largest capacity parking in Dubai. The total capacity of Dubai parking is 18300 vehicles. [1] The parking is divided into two main categories. One is general parking which is free of cost while other is paid parking known as VIP Parking.[6]

Facts and figures[edit]

Year Number of visitors
2014/15 From 6 November 2014 to 11 April 2015, 156 days.
2013/14 From 5 October 2013 to 12 April 2014, 191 days.
2012 7.00 million visitors.
2011 5.00 million visitors, 151 days and 45 country pavilions.
2008 4.50 million visitors.
2007 4.20 million visitors, 59 days and 39 country pavilions.
2006 2.10 million visitors, 129 days and 40 country pavilions.
2005 5.00 million visitors, 79 days. Global Village reaches its 10-year mark with a new location and longer operation period.
2004 5.20 million visitors, 38 participating countries.
2003 3.10 million visitors, 31 participating countries.
2002 2.33 million visitors, 28 country pavilions.
2001 1.68 million visitors, 25 country pavilions.
2000 1.59 million visitors, 22 country pavilions.
1999 1.45 million visitors, 20 country pavilions from around the world.
1998 1.20 million visitors, 20 country pavilions from around the world.
1997 900,000 visitors, 18 countries.
1996 Global Village was initially a small site along the Dubai Creek with small kiosks representing different countries. In its first year, Global Village had more than 500,000 visitors.

2018 Session[edit]

The 23rd session of Dubai Global village will start on 30 October 2018.[7] This season will remain open till 6 April 2019. Over 90 countries and 30 pavilion are established in this season. Overall, 23 concerts will be held during this season.[8]


A fire broke out in the China pavilion on 25 June 2018 during a demolition process.[9] No injuries were reported as it was during the off-season.[10]

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