Global Vision Christian School

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Global Vision Christian School
Eumseong Mungyeong Pennsylvania
South Korea
Type Private

Cultivating leaders who will lead 10 billion people

(100억의 지구촌을 섬길 인재양성)
Established 2003
Head of school Nam, Jean Seok
Faculty 230
Grades 7–12
Number of students 1000
Campus Rural, 1,274,350 square metres (314.90 acres)


Led by the current founding president, Jean Seok Nam, Global Vision Christian School (GVCS) established campuses at Eumsung in 2003, and Mungyung in 2011 based on a Christian education.

GVCS programs include English language program, English only classes, foreign language education (Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German), Taekwondo training for the whole student body (2nd or 3rd degree black belt), a fine arts program that trains students to play at least one musical instrument, sports clubs activities, and study abroad programs.

About 1,000 students are enrolled at Eumsung and Mungyung campuses. Graduates have matriculated to Ivy League universities and high-ranking colleges in the United States, colleges around the world and universities in Korea.

GVCS offers partial and full scholarships annually to children of missionaries, pastors, 3rd world country families, economically weak families, and North Korean defectors.

Using boarding school facilities at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and starting model operation in the fall of 2014 as well as regular operation in the fall of 2015, GVCS combines a Korean and American education.



We realize alternative education as a solution of the social problems experienced by an increasing number of students after study abroad programs.

GVCS Vision

The loss of identity due to internalization and the problem of families growing Gireogi dads (dads alone earning money in the home country with the

family abroad) and the low success rate (less than 20%) due to lack of effective administration and difficulty to effectively learn English even after

spending a huge amount of money (more than 6 trillion KRW yearly as of 2007) for early study abroad after the overall permission of early study abroad by the government in 2000.

We realize the alternative education by preparing specialized program and educational environment to effectively train students to learn foreign languages

and global cultures without going abroad whose vision and parents expectation is in more global diplomat, international relations, international law, and high technology.

We aim to make a school where students are respected as individuals.

A school that students would want to go,and a school to study independently by providing sound teenage culture education with more than the curriculum by

the Ministry of Education and personality education of the Christian spirit for the students who want to spend their teenage years safe from the wrong school

and culture of smoking, schools today language violence, or rejection and that is found in.


May 1998 Korea & USA Education Mission for Youth established

Eumseong Campus

July 1998 English Mission Camp (About 30 times)

Jan. 2000 Global Education Mission for Youth established

June 2002 Corporation Christian Mission Korea Council Register

Feb. 2003 Global Vision Academy founded

June 2003 Global Vision Academy, Eumsung Campus started.

Dec. 2004 Name change to Global Vision Christian School.

June 2006 GVCS Eumsung Campus 1st Graduation (15 people)

May 2007 Corporation ‘Global Vision Youth Union’ Founded

June 2007 GVCS Eumsung Campus 2nd Graduation (26 people)

April 2008 First Global Vision Youth Forum.

June 2008 GVCS Eumsung Campus 3rd Graduation (20 people)

Dec. 2008 Organization & school cooperation agreements for GVCS Mungyeong Campus.

June 2009 GVCS Eumsung Campus 4th Graduation (60 people)

March 2010 GVCS Mungyeong Campus Started

June 2010 GVCS Eumsung Campus 5th Graduation (71people)

Nov. 2010 GVCS Eumsung Campus, North Chungcheong Province Department of Education approved an alternative school authorized(Middle/High School recognized)

March 2011 GVCS Eumsung Campus authorized School Started


March 2011 GVCS Mungyeong Campust stated

May 2011 GVCS Mungyeong Opening Ceremony

July 2011 GVCS Eumsung Campus 6th Graduation (64 people)

Nov. 2011 Global Vision Retreat Center Opening Ceremony

Feb. 2012 GVCS Eumsung Campus 7th Graduation (81 people)

Nov. 2012 GVCS Mungyeong Campus, Gyeongsangbuk-do Office of Education

Mungyeong Campus

Feb. 2013 GVCS Eumsug Campus 8th Graduation (79 people)

Feb. 2013 GVCS Mungyeong Middle School Baseball team Started

March 2013 GVCS Mungyeong Campus authorized School Started

March 2013 GVCS Mungyeong Campus Soccer team Started

July 2013 Global Vision Youth Forum (3 countries and 15 schools attended)

Dec. 2013 GVCS Mungyeong Campus 1st Graduation (45 people)

Dec. 2013 GVCS Eumsung Campus 9th Graduation (83 people)

Feb. 2014 GVCS Mungyeong High School Baseball team Started

Pennsylvania Campus

Aug. 2014 BCA-GVCS USA Campus (USA, PA) Trial operation

March 2013 GVCS Eumsung Campus Middle & High Soccer team Started

Dec. 2014 GVCS Eumsung Campus 10th Graduation (78 people)

Dec. 2014 GVCS Mungyeong Campus 2nd Graduation

Aug. 2015 BCA-GVCS USA founded

School Symbols[edit]

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