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Global Washington
Global Washington logo.png
Formation December 2008
Founders Seattle International Foundation, University of Washington, and Washington State University
Type NGO
Legal status 501(c)(3)[1]
Purpose humanitarian

Global Washington is a Seattle-based nonprofit membership association whose mission is to promote international development by coordinating the efforts of other globally-minded philanthropic, research and business organizations in Washington state.


Global Washington was founded in December 2008 by the Seattle International Foundation, the University of Washington, and Washington State University.[2] Kristen Dailey, formerly of Initiative for Global Development, became the association's executive director in May 2014.[3]


In 2008 the United States Federal Government budgeted about 30 billion USD for foreign aid and of that, about 8 billion was for healthcare. Global Washington criticized this budget for neglecting development.[4]

Global Washington has organized conferences to discuss how United States foreign aid should be distributed.[5]


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