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Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS) is an engineering firm headquartered in Dulles, Virginia (USA) that provides performance measurement services. GWS does wireless network benchmarking, providing network testing and data and engineering analysis in the mobile and wireless network industries.[1]

Products and Services[edit]

Mobile Network Data Collection and Testing[edit]

GWS Drive Testing: GWS conducts drive testing to collect and monitor voice and packet data metrics on wireless networks. GWS maintains a fleet of testing vehicles that are equipped with roof-mounted antenna systems, an intricate interior setup of mobile devices, and a data collection laptop to monitor mobile devices.[2] These testing vehicles drive along pre-determined routes, designed to allow for data collection across a wide array of demographics.[3]

GWS Venue Testing: GWS also conducts testing pedestrian oriented facilities and locations. This may include, for example, areas that have high traffic such as shopping centers, mass transit zones or arenas.[4] GWS’s uses custom-made data collection backpacks that are equipped with the same advanced equipment as used in their drive tests. Similar to a drive test, GWS engineers walk along a predetermined venue routes to collect data.[5]

GWS Mobile Diagnostic App: GWS also has a mobile app that performs wireless network tests. There are two versions of the app – an enterprise version and a streamlined consumer version.[6] The app, built for Android and iPhone devices, tests both mobile and Wi-Fi networks, measuring the network’s KPIs and providing real-time reporting integrated with GWS’s Mobistat service.[7][8]

Benchmarking Reports[edit]

GWS generates reports utilizing the data collected from their network tests. GWS uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in their benchmarking reports to analyze a wireless operator’s network performance across geographical markets and over time.[3]

Mobistat Service[edit]

Mobistat, a web-based reporting and mapping tool, measures mobile network performance.Mobistat is used to compile, analyze, and trend data for multiple years’ worth of network testing across geographical markets and by region.[7][9]

Background and Examples of Network Benchmark Tests[edit]

Data collected, measured and benchmarked from GWS network drive and venue tests are used by mobile operators to make marketing claims and for engineering purposes to optimize a wireless network.[10]

GWS has tested and measured wireless network performance of Tier 1 and other mobile operators for 19 years.[2] This has resulted in the collection of 9 million miles worth of data.[6] Recent examples of benchmarking by GWS include network data collection and testing during 2014 at:

  • Historical and notable locations in London including the London commuter railway [11]
  • South by Southwest Exposition and Festival in San Antonio, Texas [12]
  • New York City’s subway system [13]
  • NCAA Basketball Tournament in San Antonio, Texas [14]
  • CTIA Wireless Show in Las Vegas [5][15][16][17]
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport [18]
  • Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana [19]
  • Tourist locations in Las Vegas, Nevada [20]
  • Popular Irish Bars in Manhattan, New York [21]


1996: Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Dr. Paul Carter.[1]

2000: GWS’s first year of nationwide mobile network benchmark testing in the U.S.[16]

June 2009: GWS launches the mobile application, TroubleSpots, which allows everyday mobile phone users to report dropped calls and no-service areas to GWS in real-time.[22]

February 2014: the GWS Mobile Diagnostic App was previewed at Mobile World Congress and testing was conducted of the mobile networks throughout the venue.[23]

August 2014: the GWS Mobile Diagnostic App enterprise version was released to the public.[24]

March 2015: the GWS Mobile Diagnostic App consumer version was released to the public.[8]


FierceWireless recognized Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. as one of the top wireless companies of 2009 in its Fierce 15 list.[25]

In 2011, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce named Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. as one of its Fantastic 50: a list of the fastest-growing companies in the state.[26]


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