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Globalsat Group
IndustrySatellite communication
FounderJ. Alberto Palacios
Headquarters2424 N. Federal Highway, Suite 116, ,
Number of locations
9 countries: USA, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru
Area served
Key people
J Alberto Palacios (CEO)
Arturo M. Blanco (CFO)
Igor Falcao (SVP)
ProductsSatellite phones
M2M solutions
BrandsGlobalsat Group, Globalsat, Intersatellite, ST2
ServicesMobile satellite service
Fixed satellite service

Globalsat Group is a consortium of companies providing satellite communication services worldwide with headquarters located in the United States.[1] The companies that are currently[when?] part of the consortium include:

  • Globalsat Group LLC[2]
  • Globalsat Bolivia[3]
  • Globalsat Argentina
  • Globalsat do Brasil [4][5]
  • Globalsat MSS
  • Globalsat Chile [6]
  • Globalsat Colombia [7]
  • Globalsat Peru [8]
  • Multisat Mexico [9][10]
  • Intersatellite Florida
  • Intersatellite do Brasil
  • ST2 Peru [11]
  • N-SAT Puerto Rico


Globalsat Group was founded by J. Alberto Palacios in 1999. He is also active CEO of this multi-company entity.

Awards, memberships and recognition[edit]

  • 2018 Top Land Mobility Satcom Innovation Award by the Mobile Satellite Users Association at Satellite 2018 [12]
  • 2017 Latin America Satellite Communications Company of the Year by Frost and Sullivan [13]
  • 2016 MSUA Company to Watch in the category Emergency Response Mobility Satcom Innovation [14]
  • 2016 Latin America Satellite Communications Company of the Year by Frost and Sullivan [15]
  • Member of the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) [16]
  • Member of the Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) [17]
  • Inmarsat Enterprise T1 Distribution Partner [18]
  • Iridium VAR, PTT Service Provider, Certus Service Provider, Authorized Repair Center [19]
  • Cobham Certified Partner [20]
  • Thales LINK Satellite Certified Reseller [21]

Satellite services[edit]

Most products and services provided by the consortium are in the field of satellite-based communications, including voice, Internet and Machine-to-Machine (M2M), with emphasis on L band mobile satellite service (MSS) through the Iridium and Inmarsat satellite constellations.[22] Fixed-satellite service (FSS) / VSAT and system integration are also provided in some markets, as well as Inmarsat's Ka band mobile service known as Global Xpress (GX).[23] One of the group's largest projects currently[when?] involves a utility company in Brazil that uses mixed L band and terrestrial cellular for redundant high availability mobile push-to-talk communications.

Recent activities[edit]

In March 2018, Globalsat Group was awarded for the work of its Brazilian affiliate Globalsat do Brasil on an innovative solution which uses L-band MSS to provide dependable communications to a railway system.[24]

During 2017 Inmarsat highlighted the railway project in Brasil as one of its important success stories.[25]

In March 2016, Globalsat Group was named "Company to Watch" in the category Emergency Response Mobility Satcom Innovation by the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) at the Satellite 2016 conference,[26] for its role as a provider of satellite services for the tsunami detection and warning system operated by Chile's government, through the local subsidiary Globalsat Chile.[27]

On May 2016 the group received the "2016 Latin America Satellite Communications Company of the Year" award from the highly recognized international consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.[28]

On November 2016 LeoSat and Globalsat Group sign a strategic worldwide agreement. LeoSat Enterprises is planning to launch a constellation of as many as 108 LEO communications satellites. Under the agreement Globalsat Group will provide market access and LeoSat will provide infrastructure for service. J. Alberto Palacios, CEO of Globalsat, will hold a seat in representation of the group on the LeoSat Customer Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC). The committee will advise on system configuration, product design and launch of LeoSat's upcoming satellite constellation.[29]

On December 2016 Globalsat Group obtained a license for all Inmarsat services through its Mexican affiliate MultiSAT. This includes official authorization and landing rights for foreign satellite signals in the Ka and L bands.[30]

In March 2017 Globalsat Group has been appointed as an Tier 1 Enterprise Distribution Partner to Inmarsat Global, the global mobile satellite operator. This improved situation will enable Globalsat Group to have access of Inmarsat upcoming products, direct hotlines to operations personnel for faster customer support and a higher level of solutions customization.[31]

In March 2017 Globalsat Group and Sky and Space Global signed a MoU towards testing and offering satellite service in Latin America. Under the agreement, the group will take part in early trials of the Sky and Space Global satellite system. The non-binding deal also involves working towards establishing a commercial agreement for providing services to end-users across Globalsat Groups' multi country footprint.[32]

Recently,[when?] Globalsat Group has bought major shares in Peruvian connectivity provider ST2.[33] Sky and Space Global has joined hands with Globalsat Group for the launch of nano-satellites to revolutionize the telecommunication.[34]

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