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Landing points
Total length 23,500 kilometres (14,600 mi)
Topology Dual Ring
Technology Fiber optics / SDH / DWDM
Date of first use 2001 (2001)

GlobeNet is a submarine telecommunications cable system linking the USA, Bermuda, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. It has a design capacity of 1.36 Tbit/s carried over four fiber pairs of fully restorable capacity (34 x 10 Gigabit x 4 fiber pairs). It was demonstrated in 2010 that the cable system was capable of supporting 5.76 Terabits on all segments built in 2001. The cable system was initially laid and named by GlobeNet, which today is a portfolio company of BTG Pactual.

The cable system has landing points in:

  1. Tuckerton, New Jersey, USA
  2. Boca Raton, Florida, USA
  3. St David's, Bermuda
  4. Maiquetia, Venezuela
  5. Fortaleza, Brazil
  6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  7. Barranquilla, Colombia