Globecom Tower

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Globecom Tower
General information
Status Demolished
Type Mast radiator insulated against ground
Location Thule Air Force Base, Greenland
Coordinates 76°33′10.84″N 68°33′3.45″W / 76.5530111°N 68.5509583°W / 76.5530111; -68.5509583Coordinates: 76°33′10.84″N 68°33′3.45″W / 76.5530111°N 68.5509583°W / 76.5530111; -68.5509583
Elevation 180.45 m (592.03 ft)
Completed 1954
Destroyed 1992
Height 360 m (1,181.10 ft)
Design and construction
Main contractor United States Air Force

Globecom Tower was a 378.25 m (1,240.98 ft) tall guyed mast for military longwave transmission at Northmountain on Thule Air Base on Greenland. Globecom Tower, whose design is similar to that of Forestport Tower, is a guyed lattice steel tower with a triangular cross section (sidelength: 4.75 metres), which is anchored in three levels. It is designed as a mast radiator insulated against the ground and equipped with an elevator running up to a height of 360 m (1,181.10 ft).

Globecom Tower was completed in 1954. It was, at completion, the tallest man-made structure outside of the United States and the third tallest in the world after KWTV Mast in Oklahoma City and Empire State Building. A great difficulty at its construction was that the ground on which it was built is permanently frozen.

Globecom Tower was used for transmitting military telex messages to Goose Bay, Canada, on the longwave frequency 68.9 kHz with a power of 50 kW under the callsign XPH.

The tower, unused for years, was brought down with explosive charges set and detonated by US Army combat engineers in the spring of 1992.


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