Globish (Gogate)

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Created byMadhukar Gogate
Setting and usageexperimental simplification
Early forms
Sourcesvocabulary from English, simplified spelling and pronunciation (related to, but independent from standard English).
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Globish is an artificial language created by Madhukar Gogate that attempts to simplify English. It was presented to the Simplified Spelling Society (now known as English Spelling Society) of Great Britain in 1998. According to its creator, it can be considered an artificial English dialect, as proof of the possibility of simplifying the orthography and pronunciation of standard English. For example, the word "colour/color" is in globish "kalar". Gogate says that his project is related to, but independent from, English.


  • hee is fain: (He is fine)
  • too kaats went tu siti... (Two cats went to city.)
  • eet it kwikli... (Eat it quickly!)
  • du yu no wear tha lybrari is? (Do you know where the library is?)
  • tha world wants pees and prosperiti... (The world wants peace and prosperity.)
  • e frend in need is e frend indeed... (A friend in need is a friend indeed.)
  • maay haart leeps ap wen I bihold e reinbo in tha sky... (My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky.)
  • sar, yuwar baggej did not kam by this flait... (Sir, your baggage did not come by this flight.)

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  • Globish: How the English Language Became the World's Language by Robert McCrum (Norton, 331 pages)

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