Globo Loco

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Globo Loco
Globo Loco title card (Season 2)
Created byGed Allen
Directed byMichael Kerrigan
Presented byStephen Mulhern
David Bobin
Theme music composerConnect / ZPM
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series2 (Series 1 10 x 30 minutes Series 2 13 x 30 minutes)
No. of episodes23
Executive producer(s)Ged Allen
Vanessa Hill
Producer(s)Caroline Coleman
Camera setupKeith Hunter
Running time20 minutes
Original networkITV Network (CITV)
Original release16 May 2003 –
28 January 2005

Globo Loco is a British children's game show that aired on CITV from 16 May 2003 to 28 January 2005, presented by Stephen Mulhern.

The show featured two teams of children, boys and girls, who tried to predict the outcome of often crazy challenges, each. If their prediction was closest they each won a prize. After all of the challenges, the team that predicted the most correctly would go into the final round. In the first season, the second-final game was 'Custard' where both teams challenge themselves to see if they can find out which bowl of custard is the trick custard (It feels like custard, smells like custard and taste like custard but it's not actually custard at all. Dad's hint) by whacking every bowl they choose with a sledgehammer (It's made of foam rubber for safety reasons.) and whoever finds the only bowl with the real custard's team get to play the final round (The trick custard is solid and never splatter but the real custard is liquidy and splatters VERY easily.) and in the first season, the final game was 'Couch Potatoes' where the team were sat on a sofa, which was spinning by 2 crewmen and they had to throw potatoes at television screens and smash them. In the second season, the final round was changed to 'The Memory Game'. The team had to try to predict how many items someone, a celebrity or a grown-up, would remember correctly.

The show was filmed at the Maidstone Studios, Kent.


Despite having made only two series, the show was nominated for the 'Best Kids Entertainment Show' award at the Children's BAFTAs three times. It failed to win each time.


Since 2006, Globo Loco has often been repeated on the CITV channel and Disney Channel Asia.

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