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I'm Gloomy Salad Days
Gloomy Salad Days poster
Directed byZero Chou
StarringAaron Yan
Serena Fang
Country of originTaiwan
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodes20
Producer(s)Zero Chou
Hoho Liu (劉芸後)
Production location(s)Taichung, Taiwan
Running time60 minutes
Original networkPTS
Original release9 October –
11 December 2010
Preceded byYear of the Rain
Followed byDays We Stared at the Sun
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Gloomy Salad Days (死神少女; pinyin: Si3 Shen2 Shao4 Nv3) is a 2010 Taiwanese television series starring Aaron Yan and Serena Fang. It aired its first episode on Saturday, 9 October 2010 at 9 pm on PTS Channel; two episodes were broadcast back-to-back every week.[1]


The drama consists of 12 different stories, being fictionalised accounts of teenagers, taken from real life social cases. The main character, is Du the Death Girl, and she is the guardian of the bridge called the "Nai He Qiao", she is the Chinese equivalent of Charon and the river, over which her bridge spans, the Chinese equivalent of the Styx.

The bridge is crumbling and its masonry is falling away, so Du sets off to look for people who are willing to be turned into a rock, with which to repair the bridge, in exchange for a wish. Du can only be summoned when a particular person has a rock from the bridge and wants to die because he or she can not continue through a difficult time. However Shen Qi, who has a brain tumor, can see Du even without desiring death nor possessing a rock. After he learns that Du took Huang He away, Shen Qi tries to save people from Du and prevent her from taking their lives away.

Shen Qi slowly becomes curious about Du and tries to find out who she was in her previous life. He discovers that in Du's previous life she was a girl named Du He, whose Death Girl comic won first place in a competition. He also learns that in her previous life, Gao Chao who was also chosen to take part in the competition, substituted the better of his work for an inferior one, in order for Du He to have a better chance at winning the prize money because she needed it more.

Not long after, Gao Chao asks Du He to marry him and she does. However, one night, Du He's brother, Du Ji becomes drunk. He has fallen in love with his own sister and is upset at her marriage. Enraged, Du Ji uses a wooden plank to hit Gao Chao, causing him to fall into a pool. Du He, shocked, comes out screaming for Gao Chao. Du Ji tries to calm her down and tells her the reasons for his actions. Du He reveals that she feels the same way as Du Ji does; however she does not wish to wrong Gao Chao and jumps into the pool. With the thought that her existence only brings tragedy to the world, she becomes brain dead and falls into deep coma. Gao Chao recovers but Du He does not. He flies to Japan by himself and becomes engaged to another woman.

Shen Qi, who started out pitying Du, begins to love her and Du comes to love him too. When Shen Qi's father learns that Shen Qi has a brain tumor, he immediately plans for it to be operated upon. However Shen Qi does not wish to have the tumor removed, as he knows that once removed he will never be able to see Du in this life again. Can the lovers be together though they are from two different worlds, or will they be forever separated?




Actor/Actress Character Introduction to Character Appearance
Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) Shen Qi (沈奇) - A teenager suffering from a brain tumor.
- Falls in love with Death Girl.
- The only person that can see Death Girl without the help of the stone.
Episode 1 - 20
Serena Fang (房思瑜) Du (渡) - Guardian of the Bridge of Helplessness
- Tasked to ferry different people to the afterlife.
- Only appears when someone can't go through the most difficult part of their life and turns them into rocks to support the Bridge of Helplessness
Episode 1 - 20

Supporting and guest cast[edit]

Actor/Actress Character Introduction to Character Appearance
Wang Zi (王子) Huang He (黃禾) - Popular, rich, talented and good-looking.
- Has two identities being the good and the bad side.
- Has a crush on Xiao Qing after a debate competition.
Episode 1 - 2
Mao Di (毛弟) A Pang (阿龐) - Grows up with his grandmother.
- Has a crush on Xiao Qing.
- High interest in drawing.
- Calls for the help of Death Girl to get rid of Huang He.
Episode 1 - 2
Adriene Lin (林孟瑾)* Jiang Ping (江萍) - Science teacher for Huang He's class.
- Had a tryst with Huang He.
Episode 1 - 2
Qiu Xiu Min (邱秀敏) Fa Shi Wai Po (法師外婆) - A Pang's beloved grandmother. Episode 1 - 2
Summer Meng (孟耿如) Chen Xiao Qing (陳筱青) - Prettiest girl in school.
- Attracted the attention of Huang He after beating him in the debate competition.
Episode 1 - 2
Zhou Xian Zhong (周賢忠) Hei Gou (黑狗) - Huang He's followers.
- School's bully.
Episode 1 - 2
Cai Zhe Wen (蔡哲文) Xiao Diao (小彫) - Huang He's followers.
- School's bully.
Episode 1 - 2
Lin Zong Yan (林宗彥)* Sha Dong (傻東/陳明東) - Xiao Qing's brother.
- Has no guts in anything.
Episode 1 - 2
Lin Chen Xi (林辰唏) Ni Ke (妮可) - A rebellious girl.
- Works as a prostitute to earn money for her family.
Episode 1, 3 - 6
Chang Chieh (張捷) A Cai (阿才) - One of the gangsters in the school.
- Ni Ke's boyfriend.
Episode 1, 3 - 5
Tang Zhen Gang (唐振剛) A Guo (阿國) - Captain of the school's basketball team.
- Xiao Ju's brother.
Episode 1, 7 - 10
Zhang Jun Ming (張君明) Xiao Lin (小琳) - A quiet girl.
- Transferred to Shen Qi's class.
- Loves her parents very much.
Episode 2 - 4
Qiu Sen (秋森) Hei Bao (黑豹) - A Cai's followers. Episode 3 - 4
Ao Quan (敖犬) A Jie (阿介) - Son of a famous calligraphist.
- Has no interest in calligraphy but loves graffiti.
Episode 3 - 4
Kris Shen (沈建宏) Xiao Tang (小唐) - A very good student and has a perfect family background.
- Has a crush on Ni Ke.
Episode 3, 5 - 6
Ivy Fan (范筱梵) Teacher - Xiao Lin's teacher. Episode 3 - 4
Zhao Yi Lan (趙逸嵐/小八) Li You (李優) - A mysterious person.
- Hides her identity as a girl.
Episode 6 - 10
Wen Chen-ling Xiao Ju - A Guo's younger sister.
- Became a couple with Li You even though she knew that Li You was a girl.
Episode 7 - 10
Zhong Yao (鍾瑤) Qiao Qiao (巧巧) - A good student with a bad family background.
- Likes Xiao Ju.
Episode 8 - 10
Andy Chen (陳奕) Xiao Dao (小刀) - Dropped out of school twice.
- Was a high school student for 4 years and hasn't graduated.
- Very impulsive and arrogant.
- Pei Pei's God-Brother.
- Likes / Has a crush on Pei Pei.
Episode 9 - 12
Jay Shih Li Qiang (李强) - Grew up with Xiao Dao.
- Has a crush on Pei Pei.
Episode 11 - 12
Si Wei Hong Zheng(寺唯宏正) Ah Jie Zheng (阿杰正) - Works for the gangsters. Episode 11 - 12
Xiao Man (小蠻) Pei Pei (佩佩) - Has a straightforward personality.
- Interested in motorbikes.
- Xiao Dao's God-Sister
Episode 9, 11 - 12
Jack Kao (高捷) Shen Da Wei (沈大偉) - Shen Qi's father.
- Only concerns about his decisions and doesn't know how to care about others.
Episode 11, 15
Ah Ben (阿本) Xiao Lun (何緯侖/小侖) - Has a girly personality.
- Gets tease by his classmates because of his girly behaviour and actions.
Episode 12 - 14
Ring Hsu (鴨子)* Mi Xue (米雪) Episode 13 - 14
Afalean Lu (盧學叡) Lu Zi (盧子) Episode 13 - 14
Zhang Yong Zheng (張永政) Da Dong (大東) - Bullies Xiao Lun but falls in love with him. Episode 13 - 14
Albee Liu (刘堇萱) - One of the participants for the musical. Episode 13 - 14
Wu Xiong (五熊) Ya Zhen (亞貞) - Has a lot of pressure due to her studies. Episode 15 - 16
Vibo Wei (韋佳宏/野兽)* A Hong (阿宏) - One of the gangsters of the school. Episode 15 - 16
Darren Wang (王大陆)* - One of the gangsters of the school. Episode 15 - 16
Ven Gao (高英轩) Shen Quan (沈泉) - Shen Qi's brother.
- Went to Shen Qi's school to become a trainee teacher during a new semester.
- Committed suicide to live with his girlfriend, Ruo Yao.
Episode 15 - 16
Jennifer Chu (初家晴) Ruo Yao (若瑤) - Shen Quan's girlfriend.
- Died while abortion.
Episode 15 - 16
Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) Gao Chao (高超) - Was a newlywed couple with Du He.
- Was knocked into a pool by Du Ji but got saved and furthered his studies in Japan.
Episode 17 - 20
Serena Fang (房思瑜) Du He (杜荷) - Du's true self.
- Was a newlywed couple with Gao Chao.
- Jumped into a pool because she felt sorry for Gao Chao and Du Ji.
- Doesn't know whether she should live or die, so she is in a coma situation.
Episode 17 - 20
James Wen (溫昇豪) Du Ji (杜骥) - Du He's brother.
- Fell in love with his own sister, Du He.
- Takes drugs.
- Pushed Gao Chao into a pool.
Episode 17 - 19
He Ya Xin (柯雅馨) Jia Jia (佳佳) - A nurse.
- Marries Du Ji.
Episode 17 - 19

* represents guest star


Gloomy Salad Days was filmed at the National Dongshih Industrial High School at Taichung, Taiwan (國立東勢高工; pinyin: guó lì dōng shì gāo gōng). For the filming of this drama, the school's name was changed to 石雨高校 (pinyin: shí yǔ gāo xiào).

Broadcasting info[edit]


Broadcast period: 9 October 2010 - 11 December 2010
Day: Every Saturday
Time: 2100 - 2300
Channel: PTS Channel 13 (公視13頻道)
Repeats: Saturday (1300 - 1500)


Broadcast period: 23 November 2010 - 20 December 2010
Day: Monday - Friday
Time: 2230 - 2330
Channel: Astro Shuang Xing Channel 324 (ASTRO雙星 324頻道)
Repeats: Monday - Friday (2130 - 2230); Saturday (1230 - 1630)

Ratings (PTS)[edit]

Date of broadcast Episodes Ratings
9 October 2010 1: Huang He 黃禾
2: Xiao Qing 筱青
Average for all ages: 0.5 - 0.59
Ages 10 – 14: 1.62
16 October 2010 3: Xiao Lin 小琳[上]
4: Xiao Lin 小琳[下]
Average for all ages: 0.6
Ages 10 – 14: 1.85
23 October 2010 5: Ni Ke 妮可
6: Xiao Tang 小唐
Average for all ages:0.6
Ages 10 – 14: 2.61
30 October 2010 7: Li You 李優
8: A Guo 阿國
Average for all ages: 0.74
Ages 10 – 14: 2.73
6 November 2010 9: Xiao Ju 小菊
10: Qiao Qiao 巧巧
Average for all ages: 0.84
Ages 10 – 14: 3.75
13 November 2010 11: Xiao Dao 小刀
12: Li Qiang 李强
Average for all ages: 0.97
Ages 10 – 14: 2.0 - 3.0
20 November 2010 13: Xiao Lun 小仑
14: Da Dong 大东
Average for all ages: 0.5
Ages 10 – 14: 1.0 - 2.0
27 November 2010 15: Ya Zhen 亚贞
16: Shen Quan 沈泉
Average for all ages: 0.81
Ages 10 – 14: 2.90
4 December 2010 17:Du He 杜荷
18:Gao Chao 高超
Average for all ages: 0.96
Ages 10 – 14: 4.45
11 December 2010 19:Du 渡
20:Shen Qi 沈奇
Average for all ages: 1.08
Ages 10 – 14: 5.07

Other media[edit]

Gloomy Salad Days Original Soundtrack 《死神少女》電視原聲帶[edit]

No. Song Title Singer
1. 盛開的消沒的人群
2. Gloomy Salad Days Wan Fang 萬芳
3. 遠遠地離開現在
4. 棉花雲 Jay Shih 是元介
5. 全天下的白雲都從海裡浮起
6. 花開不愁沒顏色
7. Wan Fang 萬芳
8. 結果我們戒不掉直視太陽的毛病
9. 就讓我碎在這裡 Andy Chen 陳奕
10. 就在塵埃全數上昇的那個時
11. Gloomy Sunday Serena Fang 房思瑜

Opening Theme[edit]

  • Song Title: Gloomy Salad Days
  • Lyricist: Guo Jin Ru (郭晉汝)
  • Composer: ARNY, Mumu
  • Singer: Wan Fang (萬芳)

Ending Theme[edit]

  • Song Title: Du (渡)
  • Lyricist: Guo Jin Ru (郭晉汝)
  • Composer: ARNY, Mumu
  • Singer: Wan Fang (萬芳)

Gloomy Salad Days DVD 《死神少女》DVD[edit]

  • Release date: 25 December 2010
  • Can be pre-ordered in Taiwan.


Gloomy Salad Days Novel (死神少女 電視小說)[edit]

  • Author: Xia Fei (夏霏)
  • Release date: 11 October 2010
  • Publisher: Booker Publications (布克文化)

Gloomy Salad Days Manga (死神少女 漫畫)[edit]

  • Publisher: Tong Li Comics (東立出版社)

Gloomy Salad Days Pictorial Book (死神少女 寫真書)[edit]

  • Publisher: Booker Publications (布克文化)
  • Release date: 16 November 2010


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