Glooscap First Nation

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Glooscap First Nation is located in Nova Scotia
Glooscap First Nation
Glooscap First Nation in Nova Scotia

Glooscap First Nation is a Canadian Mi'kmaq aboriginal community in Kings County, Nova Scotia. Known as Pesikitk', its reserve is located approximately 6.4 kilometres (4.0 mi) from the Town of Hantsport. Created in 1907 as Horton 35, the reserve encompasses some 171.1 hectares (423 acres) of rolling, mainly forested land. Forest management is practiced by the band.[1] There is a variety store, gas bar, cafe, pawn shop and a small gaming centre. There is also a health centre, youth centre and chapel.[2] The 2016 population was 373 people of whom approximately 94 lived on the reserve.[3]

Health centre and chapel, Glooscap First Nation


Since 2004, the Band and the Town of Hantsport have had a shared water supply.[4]

The Chief and Council in 2016 consists of:

  • Chief Sidney Peters
  • Councilor Jean Labrador-Powers
  • Councilor Kristan Halliday
  • Councilor Larry Peters

Director of Administration is Brian Dorey [5]


In 2010 controversy erupted in the news media and on the reserve when it was revealed that band councillors of the tiny community each earn between $210,000 and $260,000 a year and one councillor earned almost a million dollars one fiscal year, after selling a lucrative business on the reserve. Shirley Clarke, Chief of the reserve, defended the council's high salaries saying they work hard and their responsibilities are vast.[6] Some native organizations have defended the salaries saying they include legitimate expenses.[7]

Band Council[edit]

In 2012 the Glooscap First Nation held an election. A new Chief and Council was elected lead again by the Peters family. Sidney Peters, the brother of former Glooscap FN Chief Shirley Clarke, was elected Chief with 55% of the vote in an election that nearly 80% of the membership voted. He is a fifth generation Chief within the Peters family.[8]

The new council implement some new policies and removed some corrupt officials from their offices. They also created a new economic development corporation to provide more transparency and improve the sustainability of the community. i[9]

Glooscap First Nation Economic Development Corporation Limited[edit]

In 2014, the band formed a new, independently run corporation that has the responsibility of improving the economy and sustainability of Glooscap First Nation. The focus will on building partnerships with neighboring municipalities, businesses and organizations in order to benefit the entire region. The Board of Directors include some high profile and up-and-coming businesspeople.[10] Board of Directors:

  • Chief Sidney Peters (Glooscap First Nation)
  • Councilor Larry Peters (Glooscap First Nation)
  • Don Bureaux (Nova Scotia Community College)
  • Denise Doucet (Granite Strategies)
  • Richard Fuchs (Futureworks Consulting)
  • Louis Coutinho (Town of Windsor)
  • Jeffrey Barrett (Desjardins Financial)
  • Shirley Clarke (Elder & former Chief)
  • Jarid Watton (Youth Member)
  • Rob Frost (Municipal Affairs)


The corporation rebranded to become Glooscap Ventures in 2015 and are currently overseeing the Glooscap Landing Project. [12]


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