CS Gloria Arad

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CS Gloria Arad
Full name Clubul Sportiv Gloria Arad
Short name Gloria Arad
Founded 1913
Dissolved 2014
Ground Atletico
Ground Capacity 300

CS Gloria Arad was a football club based in Arad, Romania, founded in 1913.


The club was born on August 24, 1913. Their colors are yellow and blue. The man behind this ideea was dr. E. Veliciuiu and with the help of dr. Sever Miclea, dr. E. Crâsnic, R. Moldovan, Nestor Blaga, ing. Cărpișan, I. Goicea and Coriolan Lupșa, he saw it took shape.

In 1922, the club merges with CFR Arad, founded in 1921 and takes the name Gloria CFR Arad. The players that appeared then were: Kiss, Hustig, Magory, Pop I, Pop II, Szabó, Müller, Cioară, Cheța, Barbu II.

In 1923 the club succeeds to win the regional championship and qualifies for the final tournament, but it is eliminated in the quarter-finals by Chinezul Timişoara.

In 1929 it succeeds the same performance, this time being eliminated by Banatul Timişoara.

The club's best performance, before the divisional system was inaugurated, was obtained in 1930, when the team led by Virgil Economu plays the final against Juventus Bucureşti. The players that contributed, among others, were the following: Deciu, Albu, Cosma, Igna, Marienuț, Faur, Tisza.

Starting with 1932, until the interruption of the championship because of the war, the club played in the First Division, with one exception, in 1939–1940. The standard team used in that period was: Fr. Theimler – Fr. Hustig, I. Volintir – C. Weichelt, Șt. Dobra, I. Lupaș – P. Igna, V. Tudor, Fr. Frentz, I. Marienuț, Gh. Mercea. We can also mention: Gh. Boșneag, Ion Henegar, I. Chereșledean, I. Mihailovici, Gh. Medrea, Fr. Pintea, I. Slăvei II, I. Șiclovan, Șt. Codreanu, E. Mladin, V. Nicola, I. Lupițiu, Gh. Iovicin.

After the war, the club played for two years in the Second Division, but after 1948 the name of Gloria disappears from all records.

In 1969, Gloria re-appears in the Arad County Championship (Liga IV), and it succeeds to promote in the Third Division. It plays there until 1978, when it relegates back to the Fourth Division.

In the summer of 1978 a School Sports Club of high performance is founded, and takes Gloria`s name further.

In the recent years, the club is named Gloria CTP Arad and struggles in the Romanian Third Division, not succeeding very much.

In the summer of 2012 it relegated to the Liga IV. The team was dissolved in the autumn of 2014.[1]

Chronology of names[edit]

Name [2] Period
Gloria Arad 1913–1922
Gloria CFR Arad 1922–1934
Gloria Arad 1934–2010
Gloria CTP Arad 2010–2014


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