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Glory may refer to:



  • Glory (religion), in Judeo-Christian religious tradition, the manifestation of God's presence
  • Glory, a term in Christian art for a halo surrounding the whole body of a person
  • Glory Be to the Father, also known as Gloria Patri, a Christian prayer, a doxology or short hymn of praise to God in various Christian liturgies
  • Glorification, term for the canonization of a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church


  • Glory (optical phenomenon), an optical phenomenon produced by light reflected toward its source by a cloud of uniformly-sized water droplets





Film and television[edit]


  • HMS Glory, the name of various ships of the British Navy
  • French ship Gloire, the name of various ships of the French Navy
  • London Glory, the name of three successive tanker ships of London & Overseas Freighters, the last of which is now the Front Glory owned by Frontline Shipping
  • Carnival Glory, a Conquest class cruise ship operated by Carnival Cruise Line


  • Imperial Glory, a 2005 computer game about the Napoleonic Wars
  • Glory, the Pacific War counterpart to the Europa series of games
  • Glory, a board game designed by Richard Berg published by GMT Games

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