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Birth name Glorimar Montalvo Castro
Also known as
  • Glory
  • La Gata Gangster
Born (1979-02-14) February 14, 1979 (age 39)
Origin Santurce, Puerto Rico, U.S.
Years active 1995–present
Associated acts

Glorimar Montalvo Castro (born February 14, 1979 in Santurce), also known as "La Gata Gangster", is a Puerto Rican reggaeton singer.

Music career[edit]

Glory has one of reggaeton's most recognized female voices. She has popularized phrases such as suelta como gabete ("loose as a shoestring", slang meaning "promiscuous") and dame más gasolina ("give me more gasoline"). During her career to date, she has collaborated in the productions of artists such as Daddy Yankee (Gasolina), Luny Tunes y Noriega (La Gata Suelta), Don Omar (Dale Don Dale, La Traicionera, Suelta Como Gabete, La Loba), Hector & Tito (Baila morena), Eddie Dee (Donde Hubo Fuego) and others. Listeners may recognize Glory by her distinctive moaning sounds in many reggaeton songs. She formed part of the famed "La Industria" or DJ Eric Industry. She collaborated on some of the early underground cassettes distributed among the Puerto Rican population, which include: Street Style 1, Street Style 2, and DJ Eric Industry Volumes 1-5.

Glory is known to audiences in Central and South America, Spain and the United States. One of her most recent hits[when?] was "La Popola", which was even banned from some countries for its sexual content. In 2005, she released her debut CD Glou, which, according to the official website, sold over 100,000 copies in Latin America.[1]

The singles "Perreo 101" and "La Tracionera" with Don Omar are two of her best-known hits. A new version of "La Popola" together with fellow-rapper Valentino (of the duo Magnate y Valentino) was also released, entitled "A Popolera".




  • La Popola
  • Perreo 101
  • Suelta Como Gabete
  • La Traicionera (featuring Don Omar)
  • Ahora Me Rio Yo (featuring Voltio)
  • Duro 2013
  • Soy

Other Songs[edit]

  • Noche Loca
  • Torque
  • La Popola
  • Piedra Papel Tijera
  • Vamos A Perrearnos
  • Hagamos El Amor
  • Las Gatas Activa
  • Hay Algo En Ti
  • La Bandolera
  • El Mani
  • Chouchianna


Music videos
  • (Suelta Como) Gabete
  • Acelera
  • Lento/Un Paso
  • Gata Gargola
  • La Popola
Albums appearances
Year Album Song(s) featured on
2003 Luny Tunes y Noriega: Mas Flow "La Gata Suelta"
2005 Reggaeton Best Remix
  • "Outro" [Glou album version]
  • "Matarnos en La Raya, Acelera, Popola" [Mix]
2005 Reggaeton Hits, Vol. 1 "Dúro"
2005 Reggaeton Hitmakers
  • "Gata Gargola",
  • "La Popola" [Merengue version]
2005 Reggaeton Hit Makers II "Tentación y Pecado"
2005 Greatest Reggaeton Beats "El Duelo"
2006 Reggaeton Hitmakers Love Stories
  • "Te Vas",
  • "La Traicionera"
2006 Reggaeton Hitmakers Tropical Blend
  • "Un Paso",
  • "Dale, Dale"
2006 Machete Music Chart Topping Smash Hits '06 "La Traicionera"


Year Title Role
2008 Talento de Barrio Tata

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