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Gloryhallastoopid (Or Pin the Tale on the Funky)
Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 20, 1979
ProducerGeorge Clinton
Parliament chronology
Motor Booty Affair
Gloryhallastoopid (Or Pin the Tale on the Funky)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Christgau's Record GuideB+[2]
Tom Hull – on the WebB+ ((2-star Honorable Mention)(2-star Honorable Mention))[3]

Gloryhallastoopid (Or Pin the Tale on the Funky) is a 1979 album by the funk ensemble Parliament. It was their penultimate album on the Casablanca Records label, and is another concept album which tries to explain that Funk was responsible for the creation of the universe (see P Funk mythology). It reuses samples from previous albums, notably the Mothership Connection and Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Prologue" – 0:47
  2. "(Gloryhallastoopid) Pin the Tail on the Funky" (Collins, Clinton) – 4:06
  3. "Party People" (Collins, Clinton, Shider) – 10:08 (released as a 4:46 single-Casablanca NB 2222)
  4. "The Big Bang Theory" (Sterling, Dunbar, Clinton) – 7:10 (released as a single-Casablanca NB 2250)
  5. "The Freeze (Sizzaleenmean)" (McKnight, Clinton) – 8:59
  6. "Colour Me Funky" (Theracon, Clinton) – 4:51
  7. "Theme from the Black Hole" (Collins, Clinton, Theracon) – 4:38 (released as a single-Casablanca NB 2235 and as a 12" single with "The Big Bang Theory"-Casablanca NB 20208)
  8. "May We Bang You?" (Clinton, Collins, Collins, Theracon) – 4:43


The Odd Squad Musicians[edit]

  • Totally Treacherous But Slightly Silly Axe Molestors (guitars): Michael Hampton, Garry Shider, William Collins, Phelps Collins, Gordon Carlton, DeWayne McKnight, Walter "Junie" Morrison
  • Underneath Below Bottom and Other Deep Basic Activities (bass)[ambiguous]: Rodney Curtis, Donnie Sterling, William Collins, DeWayne McKnight, Walter Morrison
  • Goofin' Gooey Quacy Quirkn' Glueon Key Bangers? (keyboards): Bernie Worrell, Walter Morrison, David Lee Chong
  • African Telephone Operators (drums): Dennis Chambers, Kenny Colton, Tyrone Lampkin, William Collins, DeWayne McKnight
  • Directory Assistance (percussion): Larry Fratangelo, Carl "Butch" Small
  • Pieces of Mouf (Mouf Pieces) (horns): Greg Thomas, Greg Boyer, Bennie Cowens, Larry Hatcher, Maceo Parker, Sam Peakes
  • Horn arrangements: Bernie Worrell, Fred Wesley, P-Funk Horns (The Baltimore Connection Horn Section), Sam Peakes

Scream Division[edit]


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