Gloss Mountain State Park

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Glass Mountains State Park
A photo of the Gloss Mountains
Gloss Mountains
A map of Oklahoma showing the location of Gloss Mountain State Park
A map of Oklahoma showing the location of Gloss Mountain State Park
Location Major County, Oklahoma, United States
Nearest city Fairview, OK
Coordinates 36°22′00″N 98°34′44″W / 36.366667°N 98.578889°W / 36.366667; -98.578889Coordinates: 36°22′00″N 98°34′44″W / 36.366667°N 98.578889°W / 36.366667; -98.578889
Area 640 acres (260 ha)[1]
Established 1977 (opened 1997)
Governing body Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department

Glass Mountains State Park (also called Gloss Mountain State Park) is an Oklahoma state park located in Major County, Oklahoma. It is located near the city of Fairview, Oklahoma. A recreational-educational park that is accessible for hiking and picnicking from sunrise to sunset. There are no campsites or other overnight accommodations in the park. Facilities include a restroom, pavilions, picnic areas, grills, public water supply, handicap trail to historical marker, and a hiking trail from base parking lot to the top of Cathedral Mountain and across the mesa to view the valley floor and Lone Peak Mountain. Points of interest include land geography, geological formations, Selenite gypsum, scenery and wildlife. This range is also known as the Glass Mountains.[2]


The park operates under a partnership between the state of Oklahoma's Department of Tourism and Recreation and the citizens of Fairview, Oklahoma. In 1977, the state appropriated $125,000 to match $125,000 from the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund to buy 640 acres along U.S. Highway 412 for a public park. However, the state could not fund the completion of the proposed park, so it leased out the land for grazing until 1997. In that year, representatives from the Tourism and Recreation Department met with local residents, who formed a Conservancy to manage the park. The local residents maintain the facilities, the state provided the land. The Conservancy also pays for a gatekeeper who opens and locks the park at night. There are no fees for using the park.[3]


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