Gloucester National Park

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Gloucester National Park
Western Australia
IUCN category II (national park)
Karri forest 2 Gloucester NP VIII-2010.jpg
Gloucester National Park is located in Western Australia
Gloucester National Park
Gloucester National Park
Nearest town or city Pemberton
Coordinates 34°26′40″S 116°03′31″E / 34.44444°S 116.05861°E / -34.44444; 116.05861Coordinates: 34°26′40″S 116°03′31″E / 34.44444°S 116.05861°E / -34.44444; 116.05861
Established 1993
Area 8.78 km2 (3.4 sq mi)[1]
Managing authorities Department of Environment and Conservation
Website Gloucester National Park
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Western Australia

Gloucester National Park is a national park in Western Australia, 281 km south of Perth and about 3 km from Pemberton.

This park contains the Gloucester Tree, a renowned karri tree. Visitors can climb up to a viewing platform 61 metres (200 ft) above the ground, using the climbing pegs inserted into the tree. The tree and the park are named after the then Governor General the Duke of Gloucester who visited the area in 1946.[2]

The tree served as a fire lookout and had the platform, cabin and climbing pegs installed in 1947, it was one of eight lookout trees constructed in the area between 1937 and 1952.[3]

By 1963 it was estimated that over 3,000 people had climbed the tree, and in 1973 the original wooden cabin was demolished and replaced with an aluminium and steel cabin and gallery.[4]

Another attraction in the park is The Cascades, a cascade waterfall in Lefroy Brook.[5]

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