Gloucester Street railway station

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Gloucester Street
Location Gloucester Street, Highgate Hill
Coordinates 27°29′16″S 153°01′28″E / 27.487737°S 153.02438°E / -27.487737; 153.02438Coordinates: 27°29′16″S 153°01′28″E / 27.487737°S 153.02438°E / -27.487737; 153.02438
Owned by Queensland Rail
Operated by Queensland Rail
Line(s) Beenleigh
Platforms 2 side
Tracks 3
Structure type Ground
Closed 1978

Gloucester Street railway station was located on the Beenleigh line in Queensland, Australia between Vulture Street and Park Road stations. All that is left of the station is the three tunnel entrances leading to South Bank.

Most platforms south of the Brisbane River were progressively lengthened in the late 1970s to accommodate SX sets and the new Electric Multiple Unit trains. The existing platforms used up all the available space between the Stephens Road tunnel and the Gloucester Street bridge. Rather than going to the expense of rebuilding the bridge or the tunnel, and due to the proximity of Vulture Street, it closed in 1978 with the opening of the Merivale Bridge. [1]


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