Gloucestershire County Football Association

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Gloucestershire County Football Association
Gloucestershire County FA.png
Formation 1886
Purpose Football association
Headquarters Oaklands Park
Gloucester Road
Coordinates 51°32′55″N 2°34′15″W / 51.548606°N 2.570901°W / 51.548606; -2.570901Coordinates: 51°32′55″N 2°34′15″W / 51.548606°N 2.570901°W / 51.548606; -2.570901
David Neale

The Gloucestershire County Football Association, also simply known as the Gloucestershire FA or GFA, is the governing body of football in the county of Gloucestershire. It was formed in 1886.[1]


The Gloucestershire County Football Association has developed from small beginnings in 1886 into an Association of more than 2000 affiliated teams and 20 affiliated Leagues. Key dates in the history of the Association are provided below:

1886: At a meeting in the Full Moon Hotel, Stokes Croft, Bristol on 7 September, the Gloucestershire Football Association was formed to be administered by a Management Committee. Gloucestershire’s first President was the famous cricketer Dr W.G. Grace who was also an active Referee.

1889–90: 33 Clubs had affiliated to the County, which enabled a delegate to be sent to the Football Association.

1892: The Association was running two Cup Competitions and playing five or six County matches a season with the first League commencing operations.

1898: The Association's Management Committee became the Council with representatives from 15 Clubs and a representative from each League affiliated to the Association.

1919–20: A major change in the structure of the Council occurred when Northern Council was formed from areas north of Thornbury. However all decisions still had to be sanctioned by the full Council.

1927: The County Minor (Youth) Association was formulated.

1933: The responsibilities of the County Minor Association were assumed by the Main Council.

1946: The County Youth Association was revived following its demise in 1933.

1967: Moves were made to form an entirely separate Council in the North. But at a meeting in December it was agreed that two separate Associations were impractical. The immediate result was that a joint annual meeting was introduced in addition to the A.G.M.

1976: The last independent North and South Council meetings took place and in 1977 the Council again became a unified body.

1995: Following the sudden death of the long serving Hon. Secretary E J Marsh, the County appointed Paul Britton as full- time Secretary and shortly afterwards purchased the property at Oaklands Park, Almondsbury as its first permanent Headquarters.

1999: The County took the significant step of becoming a Limited Company becoming known as Gloucestershire Football Association Ltd.

2000: The development of Oaklands Park that included the addition of a Floodlit All-Weather Pitch and new Dressing Rooms was completed. These facilities are now being extensively used for training groups from local junior clubs and disabled organisations.

2001: The development of the All-Weather Pitch and Dressing Rooms released capacity within the original building for the development of office space, a Board Room and Council Chamber.

2002: The County Youth Association ceased to be a semi- autonomous Association when it was incorporated into the main Association as the Youth Committee.

2006: David Neale was appointed Chief Executive following the death of Paul Britton in December 2005.[2]

Oaklands Park[edit]

Oaklands Park was purchased by the Gloucestershire Football Association (GFA) for their new headquarters in 1994 after the existing owners Almondsbury Town FC was regretfully placed in the hands of the liquidator following a period of financial difficulties. Almondsbury Town FC became tenants at Oaklands Park in 1995 until May 2010, and in addition to using the pitch, the club were able to rent half of the building as a bar and skittle alley.

By 2009 the GFA established that they needed to take over this area for our their own use in order to cater for the increasing number of people employed by the Association in developing grassroots football. In addition to accommodating their staff, the GFA also needed training facilities to assist the development of clubs, coaches and referees.

The situation has eventually led to the demise of Almondsbury Town FC who in April 2011 announced that they were withdrawing from Zamaretto League's 2011–12 season and disbanding the first team citing failure to find a ground share as the main cause.[3] In response the GFA released a statement advising that it was Almondsbury Town's decision to leave Oaklands Park, originally in April 2010, that prompted them to find new tenants and that an agreement had been struck with Winterbourne United and Roman Glass St George in October of that same year.[4]

The situation has resulted in damaging publicity for the GFA in the local press.[3] The Association have reiterated that their "main purpose as an organisation is to drive increased participation in football. As a direct result of the Oaklands Park refurbishment programme, (they) were able to host a team of four FA Tesco Skills Coaches". The GFA expressed disappointment that the club were unsuccessful in their discussions with other parties.[4]

Affiliated Leagues[edit]

Small Sided Leagues[edit]

Disbanded or Amalgamated Leagues[edit]

A number of leagues that were affiliated to the Gloucestershire FA have disbanded or amalgamated including:

  • Bristol Avon League (not to be confused with Bristol & Avon League)
  • Bristol Church of England League (now known as Bristol & Avon League)
  • Bristol Regional League (Saturday Competition)
  • Bristol Wednesday League
  • Dursley and District League
  • Dursley and Wotton League
  • Gloucester and District League
  • Iron Acton and District League
  • Forest of Dean League
  • Mid Gloucestershire League
  • Wotton and District League

Affiliated Member Clubs[edit]

Among the notable clubs that are affiliated to the Gloucestershire FA are:

List of Challenge Trophy Winners[edit]


List of Senior Amateur Challenge Cup (South) Winners[edit]


List of Senior Amateur Challenge Cup (North) Winners[edit]


List of recent lower tier County Cup (South) Winners[edit]

Season Junior (South) Winners Intermediate (South) Winners Minor (South) Winners Primary (South) Winners
2000–01 Totterdown United Langton Court Rangers Brimsham Green Res. Mendip Gate
2001–02 Longshore Longwell Green Sports Res. Alveston Rangers Winterbourne United ‘A’
2002–03 Lawrence Rovers Sea Mills Park Res. Soundwell Victoria Ridings High 'A'
2003–04 TC Sports Cadbury Heath ‘A’ Shaftesbury Crusade Res. Lawrence Rovers Res.
2004–05 Patchway Town Res. Soundwell Victoria AXA ‘A’ Eden Grove
2005–06 Talbot Knowle Southmead Athletic Shirehampton ‘A’ Bristol Sanctuary
2006–07 Lawrence Rovers AFC Bohemia Brislington Cricketers Inter The Bloomfield
2007–08 Wessex Wanderers Winterbourne United ‘A’ Bristol Sanctuary XI Broad Walk FC Res.
2008–09 Lawrence Rovers Hanham Athletic ‘A’ Broadwalk Reserves Southmead CS (Saturday)
2009–10 Ashley Eden Grove St Georges Rangers Real Thornbury
2010–11 Brislington Cricketers Bradley Stoke Town St Philip & Jacob (Pip n Jay) Carmel
2011–12 Crosscourt United Portville Warriors Real Thornbury Broadlands
2012–13 Stockwood Wanderers Real Thornbury Old Cliftonians Sartan United (Saturday)
2013–14 Real Thornbury Bristol Bilbao Thornbury Baptist Church Stapleton Reserves
2014–15 Talbot Knowle United North Bristol United Woodlands Rangers Winford PH Reserves
2015–16 Stapleton Hillfields Old Boys Thornbury Baptist Church De Veys Reserves


List of recent lower tier County Cup (North) Winners[edit]

Season Junior (North) Winners Intermediate (North) Winners Minor (North) Winners Primary (North) Winners
2000–01 Tetbury Town Cam Bulldogs Phoenix United Hillesley Utd.
2001–02 Charfield Taverners Res. Down Ampney Aylburton Res.
2002–03 Berkeley Town Patriots Aylburton Marshall Langston
2003–04 Longlevens G.A.L.A. Wilton Adlestrop D & O Ramblers Res.
2004–05 G.A.L.A. Wilton Moreton Town Woodmancote Worral Hill
2005–06 Ramblers Lydbrook Athletic Stratton Wanderers AC Olympia
2006–07 Barnwood Utd AFC Bohemia Tewkesbury Dynamos Newnham Utd
2007–08 FC Barometrics Kingswood Res. Tewkesbury Rovers Didmarton
2008–09 Frampton United Bibury Charlton Rovers Res. C & G
2009–10 Marshall Langston FC Barometrics C & G Bush
2010–11 Minsterworth Whitecroft Whaddon Utd F C Lakeside
2011–12 Bibury Huntley Upton St Leonards Reserves Vinney St Swithins Reserves
2012–13 Avonvale United FC Lakeside Tuffley Rovers 'A' The Village
2013–14 Southside Charfield Alkerton Rangers Levkhampton Rovers Reserves
2014–15 Longlevens Ellwood Reserves Northway Fintan Reserves
2015–16 Stroud Harriers Chalford Reserves Mushet & Coalway South Cerney Reserves


Directors & Officials[edit]

Board of Directors[edit]

  • Roger Burden (Chairman)
  • Roy Schafer (Deputy Chairman)
  • Tony Stone (Finance Director)
  • Derek Cumner
  • Sue Henson-Green
  • Nigel Newport-Black

Key Officials[edit]

  • David Neale (Chief Executive)
  • Matthew Boucher (Football Development Manager)
  • Chris Lucker (Football Services Manager)[1]
  • Steve Tanner (Business and Referee Development Manager)


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