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Logo of Gluaiseacht for Global Justice

Gluaiseacht for Global Justice is an Irish environmental, peace and social justice group. Gluaiseacht (Irish pronunciation: [ˈɡl̪ˠuəʃəxt̪ˠ] means "movement" in the Irish language. The group believes in non-violent resistance to the current form of capitalist globalisation. It was originally a network of Ecological and One World Societies at universities and colleges throughout Ireland. It is a member of the Irish Environmental Network.

Gluaiseacht has been involved in anti-nuclear protests at the Trident submarine base in Faslane, Scotland,[1][2] and the Sellafield nuclear plant.[3][4]

Gluaiseacht organised the 2002 Ecotopia gathering (an annual summer camp for activists in Europe) in association with EYFA[5]

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