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Scientific classification
Type species
G. liquefaciens

Gluconacetobacter is a genus in the phylum Proteobacteria (Bacteria).[1] In 2012, several species previously classified under the Gluconacetobacter species were reclassified under the new genus Komagataeibacter, including the cellulose producing species Komagataeibacter xylinus.[2][3]


The name Gluconacetobacter derives from: New Latin acidum gluconicum, gluconic acid; Latin noun acetum, vinegar; New Latin bacter, rod; giving Gluconacetobacter, gluconate-vinegar rod.[4]


The genus contains 25 species (including basonyms and synonyms),[4] namely

  • Gluconacetobacter aggeris
  • Gluconacetobacter asukensis
  • Gluconacetobacter azotocaptans
  • Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus
  • Gluconacetobacter entanii
  • Gluconacetobacter europaeus (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter hansenii (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter intermedius (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter johannae
  • Gluconacetobacter kakiaceti (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter kombuchae (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter liquefaciens (type species of the genus)
  • Gluconacetobacter maltaceti (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter medellinensis (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter nataicola (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter oboediens (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter rhaeticus (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter sacchari
  • Gluconacetobacter saccharivorans (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter sucrofermentans (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter swingsii (synonym)
  • Gluconacetobacter takamatsuzukensis
  • Gluconacetobacter tumulicola
  • Gluconacetobacter tumulisoli
  • Gluconacetobacter xylinus (synonym)

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