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mannagrass (USA)
sweet-grass (UK)
Glyceria striata.jpg
Glyceria striata
Scientific classification

R.Br. 1810 not Nutt. 1818 (syn of Hydrocotyle in Apiaceae)
Type species
Glyceria fluitans

Glyceria is a widespread genus of grass family common across Eurasia, Australia, North Africa, and the Americas.[2][3][4][5]

Glyceria is known commonly as mannagrass in the United States, or, in the UK, sweet-grass. These are perennial rhizomatous grasses found in wet areas in temperate regions worldwide. The base of the grass grows along the ground and may root at several places. Then it grows erect and bears leaf blades which may be flat or folded. The panicle inflorescences nod when heavy. Some mannagrasses are considered weeds while others are endangered in their native habitats.[6][7][8][9][10]

  1. Glyceria acutiflora - creeping mannagrass - China, Korea, Japan, northeastern + east-central USA
  2. Glyceria alnasteretum - Alaska,[13] Russian Far East, Japan, Korea
  3. Glyceria × amurensis - Amur Oblast
  4. Glyceria arkansana - Arkansas mannagrass - south-central USA
  5. Glyceria arundinacea - Eurasia from Hungary to Korea
  6. Glyceria australis - Australian sweetgrass - Australia
  7. Glyceria borealis - northern mannagrass - western, north-central, + northeastern USA incl Alaska; Canada incl Yukon + Northwest Territories; Mexico (Chihuahua)
  8. Glyceria canadensis - rattlesnake mannagrass, Canadian mannagrass - Canada; USA (Northeast, Great Lakes, Oregon, Washington)
  9. Glyceria caspia - Caucasus
  10. Glyceria chinensis - China (Yunnan, Guizhou)
  11. Glyceria colombiana - Colombia
  12. Glyceria declinata - waxy mannagrass, low glyceria, small sweet-grass - Europe, Morocco, Madeira, Azores, Canary Islands; naturalized in scattered locales in North America
  13. Glyceria depauperata - Japan, Kuril Islands
  14. Glyceria × digenea - France, Czech Rep
  15. Glyceria drummondii - Western Australia
  16. Glyceria elata - tall mannagrass - western USA, British Columbia, Alberta
  17. Glyceria fluitans - water mannagrass, floating sweet-grass - Morocco; Eurasia from Iceland + Portugal to Turkmenistan
  18. Glyceria × gatineauensis - Québec, New York, West Virginia
  19. Glyceria grandis - American mannagrass - USA incl Alaska; Canada incl Yukon + Northwest Territories
  20. Glyceria insularis - Tristan da Cunha
  21. Glyceria ischyroneura - Japan, Kuril Islands, Korea
  22. Glyceria latispicea - New South Wales
  23. Glyceria leptolepis - Russian Far East, China incl Taiwan, Korea, Japan
  24. Glyceria leptorhiza - Korea, Honshu, Hokkaido, Heilongjiang, Amur Oblast, Khabarovsk, Zabaykalsky Krai
  25. Glyceria leptostachya - davy mannagrass, narrow mannagrass - California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska
  26. Glyceria lithuanica - Lithuanian mannagrass - northern Eurasia from Norway to Korea
  27. Glyceria maxima - reed mannagrass, English watergrass, reed sweet-grass - Eurasia from Ireland to Xinjiang
  28. Glyceria melicaria - melic mannagrass - eastern North America
  29. Glyceria multiflora - Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina
  30. Glyceria nemoralis - Caucasus, central + eastern Europe
  31. Glyceria notata - marked glyceria, plicate sweet-grass - Eurasia + North Africa from Denmark + Morocco to Xinjiang
  32. Glyceria nubigena - Great Smoky Mountain mannagrass - Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina + Tennessee
  33. Glyceria obtusa - Atlantic mannagrass - eastern North America
  34. Glyceria occidentalis - northwestern mannagrass - California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Idaho, Nevada
  35. Glyceria × ottawensis - Ontario
  36. Glyceria × pedicellata - northern + central Europe
  37. Glyceria pulchella - MacKenzie Valley mannagrass, beautiful glyceria - Alaska, western Canada incl Yukon + Northwest Territories
  38. Glyceria saltensis - Salta Province in Argentina
  39. Glyceria septentrionalis - floating mannagrass - eastern USA, eastern Canada, northeastern Mexico
  40. Glyceria spicata - India, Mediterranean
  41. Glyceria spiculosa - eastern Russia, northern China, Korea
  42. Glyceria striata - fowl mannagrass, ridged glyceria - Canada incl Arctic Territories, USA incl Alaska, Mexico, Guatemala
  43. Glyceria × tokitana Masamura - Japan
  44. Glyceria tonglensis C.B.Clarke - Himalayas, China incl Tibet
formerly included[1]

Numerous species now considered better suited to other genera: Arctophila Catabrosa Colpodium Dryopoa Eragrostis Hydrocotyle Melica Phippsia Poa Puccinellia Scolochloa Torreyochloa Triplasis